Kurt angle wrestling in olympics

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kurt angle wrestling in olympics

Its True! Its True! by Kurt Angle

Kurt Angles life has been an epic journey. Growing up in a large family in Pennsylvania, Angle followed in the footsteps of his four older brothers when he decided to pursue wrestling. His discipline and hard work were soon rewarded: He won the Junior National Freestyle Championship and went on to become the Wrestler of the Year at Clarion College. In 1996, with many prestigious wrestling honors to his credit, Angle set his sights on a new goal: an Olympic gold medal. Months of grueling training paid off in the most spectacular way when Angle returned from Atlanta with a gold medal around his neck and renewed determination in his heart.

He was just getting started. Angle soon joined the ranks of the World Wrestling Federation and quickly became a main event performer, taunting the crowds with his trademark three Is: Integrity, Intelligence, and Intensity. These are all qualities that he really possesses, but his character does not always display them in the ring. Through his high-profile matches with some of the biggest names in the business, Angle is now one of the most infamous heels in the World Wrestling Federation -- and he loves every minute of it. He has won -- and lost -- the Intercontinental belt and the World title, and he continues to rile crowds and accelerate heart rates every time he steps into the ring. Kurt Angle is living proof that with hard work and determination anyone can fulfill their dreams.
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Kurt Angle vs Arawat Jabejew 1995 Freestyle Wrestling

Angle started amateur wrestling at the age of seven. Angle began preparing for the Summer Olympics (also in.
Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle, defending world champion, wrestling on home soil at the Olympics in Atlanta, going for Olympic gold. His opponent, Abbas Jadidi of Iran, who won a world championship in , had it stripped from him due to a positive drug test and served a two-year suspension, returning in to earn world bronze. The tensions between the host USA and Iran, less than 20 years removed from the hostage crisis and under a total embargo on all dealings with Iran by American companies. It all led to a raucous arena with a large American contingent and a vocal Iranian minority for the gold medal match at kg at the Olympic Games. It is hard for some to imagine now, with Angle going off to the WWE, but for this match, at least, Kurt was cast as the golden boy American hero. It was an easy fit what with Jadidi coming off a drug suspension and wearing a mustache reminiscent of the professional wrestling villain the Iron Sheik.

As expected, there was a lot of anger towards that decision. I think that anger was warranted. The good news is it's not as simple as wrestling being dropped from the Olympics with no hope of it ever coming back. The vote of yesterday is not an elimination of wrestling from the Olympic Games. Wrestling will participate in the games in Rio de Janeiro. To the athletes who train now, I say, 'Continue training for your participation in Rio.

Kurt Steven Angle born December 9, is an American actor, retired professional wrestler and amateur wrestler , currently signed to WWE where he works as a backstage producer. After graduating from college, Angle won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the World Wrestling Championships. He then won the freestyle wrestling gold medal at the Summer Olympics. Angle made his first appearance at a pro-wrestling event in , and signed with the World Wrestling Federation now WWE in Noted for his rapid comprehension of the business, he had his debut match that August within the company's developmental system after mere days of training, and participated in his first televised WWF storyline in March After months of unaired matches , Angle made his televised in-ring debut in November and received his first major push in the company in February , when he held the European and Intercontinental Championships simultaneously.


Kurt Angle may be the ultimate wrestler, in that he conquered the amateur stage to the point of winning an Olympic gold medal before seamlessly transitioning into the wacky world of pro wrestling , conquering that as well. He's won world championships in WWE, TNA, and Japan, and has proven himself to the point where he's earned perhaps the greatest honor an old wrestler can receive: a non-physical TV role as a general manager. This way, he can soak in the fans' adulation without worrying about suffering another broken freakin' neck and possibly never moving again. Whether playing a dorky-yet-condescending villain who thinks he's an American hero, an actual American hero, or a deadly serious wrestling machine, it seems there's nothing Kurt Angle can't do. Well, aside from having a normal, peaceful life, that is. Angle's story is filled with dark turns, some outside his control and some very much self-inflicted. Luckily, he's still around despite all that life has thrown at him.

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