Who was famous in 2005

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who was famous in 2005

Time Magazines All-Time 100 Novels (100 books)

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This Is Water - Full version-David Foster Wallace Commencement Speech

Amy Schumer and Taraji P. Airing Dec.
Harper Lee

Popular Artists - 2005

Ah, Bush was "the decider. We wouldn't say things were simpler a decade ago, but they were certainly interesting! Let's hop back a decade and remember why your friends couldn't stop quoting Hitch. If you're a year-old reading about these things for the first time: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were like the Prince William and Kate Middleton of our time — but alas — their love burned too bright and now Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica serves as the sole time capsule to remember what romance is, or should we say, was.

A mere 10 years ago, blockbuster franchises were dominating the box office, "American Idol" and "CSI" were on the air, and Tom Cruise was at the center of a Scientology controversy. It might seem like not much has changed in the decade that's since unfolded, but it was practically a prehistoric era: YouTube was born in February , Netflix hadn't yet introduced its streaming service and Spotify wouldn't be developed for another year. In conjunction with The Huffington Post's 10th anniversary in May, we're taking a look back at 's most remarkable contributions to popular culture. Smith" Source: Box Office Mojo. Browse the YouTube playlist above for the year's Top 20 singles. Source: Billboard Year-End Chart. And, of course, 's biggest contribution to pop culture is

So, which stars shined in the spotlight before Schumer and Henson? In honor of the upcoming Big in , let's take it back to , with the.
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Cost of Living 2005

What do you remember? Did you go to a Concert that year? Please take the time to post your memory on this Page. Events Greece -- Summer Olympics. Cosmos 1 Mission. More Information for YouTube.


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