Celebrities don t deserve privacy

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celebrities don t deserve privacy

Privacy Quotes (299 quotes)

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Published 10.12.2018

Hollywood Stars also Deserve Privacy

Imogen Thomas: Reality TV Stars Don't Deserve Privacy

Make us happy need privacu cuz they fancy and then if they don't they ppl too so they cool need private home and fam cuz they also are normal ppl too like us yeah cuz they also eat brownies and need more cookie like normal people because they are alive. I never have understood the concept and infatuation with celebrities. After all, they are just like the rest of us. Their should be no division of anything of anyone. We are them and they are us. There is absolutely no reason why we obsess ourselves with celebrity and fame and all that materialistic stuff when we are all the same people!!! Famous people are just people.

Celebrities are under constant scrutiny and consistently attacked by tabloids. Instead of treating celebrities like objects, society should recognize them as human beings. Paparazzi constantly intrude on people's lives, especially celebrities. Benmil, via Wikimedia Commons, creative commons. Magazines, paparazzi, and tabloids are constantly looking for a story to make their cover. With the internet and all the current forms of social media, celebrities have nowhere to hide.

By Matthew Holehouse. I used to crave the press attention, and played the media to my advantage," Miss Thomas, 29, said. Thomas is barred by a court injunction from talking about her affair with a married footballer. Things have changed for me from being in a position where the media worked in my favour, to the events of the past year when I no longer had control over the stories written about me. Leveson Inquiry: News Int 'spied on hacking lawyer and her children'. Phone-hacking police investigate whether celebrity's medical records were obtained by News of the World. She was speaking as Lord Justice Leveson heard evidence from journalists and lawyers for his inquiry into the ethics and culture of the newspaper industry.

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Who can motivate lifestyle changes like Oprah? Or inspire acceptance like Ellen? But careers are rarely ruined by sex tapes or other personal or legal scandals. While the MeToo movement changed the landscape for the likes of Harry Weinstein and other celebrities who got away with systematic sexual harassment and abuse, not everything has changed. Indeed, the public airing of dirty laundry seems to endear the public more than it repels them. All humans need privacy. Privacy allows us to mitigate our social environment and our internal world — a person cannot reflect or grow without freedom from the scrutiny of others.

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