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toby martinez de las rivas

Terror by Toby Martínez de las Rivas

In Terror, Toby Martinez de las Rivas leads us on a high-wire act of verbal dexterity and inventive syntax in pursuit of a new kind of communication. Set against landscapes fallen just short of paradise, but which retain the possibility of redemption, these poems work intimately with the reader, interrogating us and encouraging us never to settle for inadequate answers. Formally adventurous and wide-ranging, Terror examines ideas of conflict, betrayal, sexual and divine love, history and hope, and holds each up to the light of our own fate and frailty, in search of a language which might console us, a language with which we might commune in our most private and fearful moments.

Terror is a thrilling and powerful debut.
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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Toby Martinez de las Rivas was born in He grew up in Somerset, then moved to the north-east of England after studying history and archaeology at Durham where he began writing. He first worked as an archaeologist and this, together with the landscape of Northumberland and the work of north-eastern writers such as Barry MacSweeney and Gillian Allnutt have had a significant impact on the development of his own poetry.

I am not going to use this space to rebut his article point by point. What I would like to do in this space is address the key issues which I feel have contributed to this interpretation of my work, and give an in-depth reading of the poems and symbols used. As I see it, there are three issues to address. This is a poem about my fear of losing contact with my daughter and being supplanted. Perhaps, if you have been through a divorce and custody battle, you will recognize it.

I write this in haste because Martinez de las Rivas is a tendentious and damaging thinker, his presence on the shortlist is diametrically opposed.
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2 thoughts on “Under a Black Sun: Toby Martinez de las Rivas and Cultural Space”

But it is also, perhaps, a sign of the times that my pointing out the above irony is itself likely to irritate some of these critics on the basis that it appears to turn the argument around and, significantly, away from the object of their fury, i. In other words, it misses the point, and worse than that it contributes to the general atmosphere in society of receptivity to the ascendant far-right which is a fact to anyone who watches the news. To put it plainly, there are things we need to talk about before we can start talking about this specific poet and his poetry. I will try to set out below a case for why it is important that we as readers do not cause institutions like the Poetry Foundation to refuse platforms for work, like that of Martinez de las Rivas, which may offend our political sensibilities. All poetry is political to the extent that everything is political. Poets and poetry critics cannot step out of the world that made them and so the work they produce must reflect or give away, perhaps their political leanings, whether they are purposefully expressed or not.

Before approaching the subject of this essay, I want to say first that every member of the Forward Prize judging panel is a professional I respect. This year has been an object lesson on how the abusive-but-powerful face few consequences, and those solely from grass roots activism. It would be fitting, then, that a poet pushing nakedly fascist ideology should gain the highest honour in our community. I hope beyond reason he does not. I write this late in the day because I selfishly feared for the professional and personal relationships it might jeopardise. The Forward Arts Foundation have supported my work with books, invitations to award ceremonies, and financially through my Patreon campaign.

4 thoughts on “Terror by Toby Martínez de las Rivas

  1. Toby Martinez de las Rivas's books are Black Sun () and Terror (), both from Faber & Faber.

  2. Note: The following is in response to reader feedback on Toby Martinez de las Rivas’s poem “Titan / All Is Still” in the November issue. First is the work in the November issue of Poetry; second is the black sun symbol; and third is a poem which has been available online.

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