Alien abduction stick of truth

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alien abduction stick of truth

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Published 11.12.2018

South Park The Stick of Truth - Part 6 - ABDUCTED!

PS3 - South Park - The Stick Of Truth - Chapter 4 - Alien Abduction

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The Stick of Truth was laying down on the pillow as Cartman observed it and declare. It was the evening time as the group of kids dressed in warriors were back from their battle at the Inn of Giggling Donkey, it was one heck of a fight they did and going all out to retrieved the relic, the four brothers were hoping that the damages at the house weren't too worst and hoping that the kid's parents weren't come back tomorrow which would leave the kid to do the clean up. They had a feast at a diner in celebrated their victory. Welcome to the KKK. Everybody claps their hands in applauded for their new four friends which they return with smiles.

This quest starts immediately after the scene. Press Q to cycle with your options until the Alien Probe is selected. Now press F and aim for the alien device with an eye and click it to beam yourself to it. Now you can select the spot where you'll beam out from. Use this to escape the barrier around you. Operate the panel to the right to reveal a glass window. Beam yourself inside the enclosure with the chest so you can loot its contents.

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