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george harrison miss o dell

Miss ODell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and the Women They Loved by Chris ODell

Chris ODell Wasnt Famous. She Wasnt Even Almost Famous. But She Was There.

She was in the studio when the Beatles recorded The White Album, Abbey Road, and Let It Be, and when Paul recorded Hey Jude, she sang in the chorus.

She was at Ringos kitchen table when George Harrison said, You know, Ringo, Im in love with your wife. And Ringo replied, Better you than someone we dont know.

She typed the lyrics to George Harrisons All Things Must Pass. She lived with George and Pattie Boyd at Friar Park, developed a crush on Eric Clapton, and unwittingly got involved in the famous love story between Eric and Pattie.

Shes the subject of Leon Russells Pisces Apple Lady, a song he wrote to woo her. Other rock legends with whom she was intimate include Ringo, Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan.

She worked with the Rolling Stones as their personal assistant on their infamous 1972 tour and did a drug run for Keith Richards.

Shes the woman down the hall in Joni Mitchells song Coyote about a love triangle on Bob Dylans Rolling Thunder Revue tour. Shes the mystery woman pictured on the back of the Rolling Stones album Exile on Main Street. Shes the Miss ODell of George Harrisons song about her.

Miss ODell is the remarkable story of an ordinary woman who lived the dream of millions -- to be part of rock royaltys trusted inner circle. Illustrated with private photographs and jam-packed with intimate anecdotes, Miss ODell is a backstage pass to some of the most momentous events in rock history.
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George Harrison - Miss O'Dell

George wrote thing song for Chris O'Dell, a close friend who he met when she started working for Apple Corps. He wrote this while he was waiting for her to pay him a visit. His laughs make this song even better, his laugh is so contagious!
Chris O'Dell

Miss O'Dell - George Harrison

CO: I think the time was just right. And there is still so much interest in the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and the other people I worked with. CO: It was by chance, really. I write about this in the book in some detail. Tell us in your own words a typical day in the life at Apple?

Listened to this song for the first time in a while and I was instantly transported back to this past summer, when I first heard it, and was listening to it a lot. So weird when that happens. Great little tune this is, I like the cowbell, and can anybody keep a smile off their face when hearing those giggles? Even if you've been informed of it beforehand, as I was, it's still so unexpected and hilarious-- and of course the fact that he sounds kinda drunk through the whole thing helps. The non-giggles version just ain't as much fun. Trust George to release the version that most would shelf It's a bit daft to play it without singing it, though; you've just got this everlasting G chord that goes on and on and on until finally you get to the D under the word 'Bombay' in the first verse.

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Harrison wrote the song in Los Angeles in April while waiting for O'Dell to pay him a visit at his rented home. As well as reflecting her failure to keep the appointment, the lyrics provide a light-hearted insight into the Los Angeles music scene and comment on the growing crisis in East Pakistan that led Harrison to stage the Concert for Bangladesh in August that year. The arrangement reflects the influence of Dylan, and the recording is notable for Harrison breaking into laughter midway through the verses. A popular B-side, "Miss O'Dell" was unavailable officially for over 30 years after this initial release, until its inclusion as a bonus track on the reissue of Material World. An alternate, laughter-free vocal take of the song circulates on Harrison bootleg CDs and was included on the DVD accompanying the deluxe edition of Living in the Material World in O'Dell named her autobiography after the song. After arriving in London from Los Angeles in mid May , to start work at the Beatles ' Apple Corps headquarters at the invitation of her friend Derek Taylor , [1] Chris O'Dell began a career that saw her become, in author Philip Norman 's words, "the ultimate insider" in rock-music circles.



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