Other ways to say welcome back

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other ways to say welcome back

Welcome Quotes (74 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

How to say You're Welcome: Back to English Basics Series

Welcome Back!

I know you can say something like "bienvenido otra vez" or something like that, but it sounds so formal to me. Are there any familiar phrases out there I can use to say "welcome back"? I feel strange say "welcome to learn spanish" when I'm on lesson 4. There aren't a lot of people that start with that lesson without going through at least a few of the others first, so I would rather welcome them back than welcome them as if I had never "seen" them before. The option "Bienvenido de vuelta" sounds to me like a horrible word-by-word translation, sorry, because we don't have phrasal verbs like in English. Bienvenido de vuelta.

3. What about the word "guests"?

By Signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. It used to be that open house night was held a few weeks into the school year. That special event was most parents' single opportunity to connect with their children's teachers. But today's school leaders understand that a strong home-school connection can have a direct impact on student achievement, so they have created many new and fun ways to forge a strong relationship between parents and teachers during the opening weeks of the new school year. Some schools have moved open house to the week before school begins; then a separate back-to-school night is held during the first weeks of school.

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  1. Welcome back synonyms. Top synonyms for welcome back (other words for welcome back) are welcome home, reverted and came back.

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