Batman arkham knight poison ivy death

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batman arkham knight poison ivy death

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death by Amy Chu

Poison Ivy blossoms into her first solo adventure!
There are animals. There are vegetables. And there is somewhere in between.
Thats where Dr. Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy, finds herself. Instead of battling the Dark Knight, she is now a researcher at the Gotham Botanical Gardens, studying the possibility of creating plant-human hybrids.
But when her fellow scientists start turning up dead, shes both the natural leading suspect and the only person (or plant) who can crack the case. To solve the mystery, Poison Ivy must team up or throw down with her oldest friends and closest frenemies, from Harley Quinn to Catwoman to the Swamp Thing. Can she keep things under control, or will she be responsible for a deadly new harvest?
Sprouting from the brains of the up-and-coming creative team of writer Amy Chu and artist Clay Mann, it s a mean, green murder mystery starring one of Batmans greatest rogues!

Collecting: Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death 1-6
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Batman Arkham knight Poison ivy Death scene

POISON IVY DIES - Batman: Arkham Knight Walkthrough Part 14

Botanist Pamela Isley was transformed into a plant-human hybrid by a science experiment gone wrong. With chlorophyll flowing through her veins instead of blood, she developed a toxic touch and a pheromone-fueled talent for seduction. Her crimes became more ecologically focused as she had increasingly abandoned her human side and identified more with the natural world. Her unique brand of eco-terrorism often put her into conflict with Batman , whose iron will usually protected him from her seductive powers. After she took refuge in a vine-covered stronghold, Ivy kept humanity away rather than participated in the gang wars of Arkham City. But instead of destroying Gotham, she helped Batman eradicate Scarecrow 's Fear Toxin by sacrificing herself.

Poison Ivy's death scene from Batman: Arkham Knight.
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Trigger warning for images of violence towards women in Batman: Arkham Knight. If you would like to read my piece without seeing the images used to illustrate my argument then click here to view a version without any images, just the text. Also, spoiler warning. One of the side quests in Arkham Knight has you trying to save Catwoman from the Riddler, who has strapped an explosive collar to her neck. After completing one of the eight trials Batman and Catwoman are talking. Your motivation? Every single female character of significance in Arkham Knight is made into a damsel-in-distress at some point.

Poison Ivy is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics , commonly in association with superhero Batman , created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff. The character made her debut in Batman June Poison Ivy has been portrayed as a love interest of Batman and is known for her infatuation with him. She is a Gotham City botanist who is obsessed with plants, ecological extinction, and environmentalism. Ivy typically wears a green one-piece outfit adorned with leaves and often has plant vines extending over her limbs.

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