How to write a good blurb about yourself

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how to write a good blurb about yourself

You Do You: How to Be Who You Are and Use What Youve Got to Get What You Want by Sarah Knight

The self-styled anti-guru Sarah Knight adds another volume to her quirky, profanity-laden self-help series with You Do You.

The focus, as you can guess from the title, is the art of allowing your authentic self to shine through without feeling guilt or being so far out of the social norms that you border on psychopath.

You Do You is about accepting your strengths and your flaws, whether those flaws are self-identified, or just things that youre perfectly happy about but that other people seem to have a problem with. Or, should I say, that you WOULD be happy about, if you felt a little more confident in yourself... loc 146, ebook.

And, like the previous books, Knight doesnt stint on the bad words. She admits she kept the title clean so a certain publication *cough* New York Times *cough* would print the all the words of the title in their sought after Best Seller list.

Which Knight has made before... but had her titles censored for their content.

The advice in this book boils down to one simple mantra: Stand up for who you are and what you want. How do you do that? Stop letting other people tell you what to do, how to do it, or why it cant be done. loc 188, ebook.

I enjoyed You Do You, but I felt it wasnt as strong as Knights other titles because she spends so much time rehashing material she has already covered elsewhere.

That being said, I like Knights style, her famous diagrams and her illuminating stories. This is an author who has been there, done that and cussed about it.

My favorite diagram in You Do You is Knights ouroboros or symbolic, conjoined serpent of wisdom picture. The text with the cute doodle says: Is it right or wrong? You wont know unless you have the confidence to take a risk and find out. If you regret your decision, then accept the consequences, swallow the lesson, and start over. With confidence. loc 1995, ebook.

Verges on mystic Eastern wisdom, doesnt it?

She encourages all readers everywhere to let the strange sides of yourself out- within certain boundaries. Dont hurt anybody. Dont take advantage of people. Be reasonable within your freakishness.

Now, with those ground rules established, I do declare that we, as a society, should celebrate weirdness in all its forms- and that the right to be weird should be inalienable- just like the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. loc 2130, ebook.

You do you and let everybody else do them. Its that simple. Its that hard.

Sarah Knight may be a bit of an acquired taste. Please dont read unless you have a high tolerance for bad words and, dare I say, mild snark.

But, if you are someone in need of encouragement to let your freak flag fly, look no further.

Thank you to NetGalley and Little Brown and Company for a free digital copy of this book.
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  1. Your blurb or bio is a short, concise, effective introduction and description of yourself.

  2. People generally listen effectively only 30 to 60 seconds, and they appreciate concise responses to questions.

  3. Writing a bio can be a fun challenge, a look at some peoples bio could get you wondering and thinking out loud; most especially in the present era.

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