Best boxing workout to lose weight

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best boxing workout to lose weight

101 Boxing Workouts for Weight Loss: Lose weight or train for your next fight by Luke Robinson

Why use boxing for weight loss?
Boxing, and these workouts in particular, gives a full body workout designed to give you maximum benefit and the best results possible. Experience weight loss, and increased lean muscle mass. These workouts get you into fat burning zone, and the high intensity nature helps your body continue to burn fat and calories long after the workout is over. You will also see an increase in your endorphins, elevating your mood and helping you to think more clearly and feel energized. Each workout is different, and designed to push you into fat burning zones to help you slim down faster!
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Full Body Kickboxing Workout - Butt, Legs, Stubborn Belly Fat, Flabby Arms - Beginners Cardio

Want to Burn Fat Quickly? Do Cardio Boxing Workouts!

When I started strength training two years ago, I realized that if I want to burn fat and develop my stamina, I need cardio as well. I tried several activities such as running, cycling, etc. Then I tried a cardio boxing workout regimen , and I knew that is what I want. I felt the burning in my entire body, I sweated brutally, and I enjoyed performing the combinations. It is my favorite sport now. I have learned all the punches, many combos, blocking, footwork and the best is that it forces me to do other cardio activities such as running and jump roping to be better at boxing.

Why Boxing Workouts?

In a world with a growing sense of self-awareness and focus on personal health and fitness, many people are beginning to turn to unconventional workout methodologies. In this day and age, people love to try new and engaging workouts that push the boundaries. One of those new fitness programs is martial arts. Martial arts is the perfect way to get in shape because it approaches health and wellness as a whole. One of the best martial arts for getting in shape is boxing. Boxing, as a sport and as a martial art, has been around for centuries. People throughout history have practiced it as a means of self-defense.

Even though I usually use a punching bag for my boxing workouts, having one is not absolutely necessary. You can still get a good workout by using one of the following options:. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Get access to 10 quick and incredibly effective workouts you can do anywhere. Download HIIT on the Go, absolutely free, along with weekly fitness tips delivered straight to your inbox.

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  2. Boxing is a brutal, basic sport — and it can also serve as a brutal, basic workout to help you knock out your fitness goals.

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