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Michael Alexander (Author of The Silver Locke)

Michael Alexander is an erotic BDSM fiction writer with several novels and over twenty short stories to his credit.

Starting in 2002 Michael began posting his erotic fiction online. He tried a variety of different libraries, but eventually settled on, and has continued to post his work on that library forum for over half a decade. Michael’s work has been read by thousands with new fans joining every month! In late 2009 Michael decided to start his own website, Blog, and library. In 2011 Michael began publishing his novels and short stories in e-book format for both Amazons Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nook systems.

Michael Alexander Stories presents a vast new array of erotic fiction, both in style and in content, bursting with new characters, innovative situations, original plots, and fresh models, all while keeping hold of the characters and settings you may have come to know and love so well.

Michael is the author of In The Dark (An Anthology), Breannes Three - Chicago BDSM, and The Silver Locke, as well as the online free choose your own destiny novel The Club.

Michael prefers to allow his work to represent him, but curiosity remains. Physically, Michael is a rather nondescript individual. He is of average height, average weight, with an average complexion, average thinning light brown hair, and a taste in clothing which leans heavily toward presentable khakis and Oxford button down shirts.
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Feels rushed and skips several of the plot points set up in the previous chapter! Where is the humiliation of her finding out her new legal name? What happened during the five day stay in hospital?
Michael Alexander


BDSM Library is full of submitted stories filled with all sorts of kink and punishment. You might say that this site is geared towards women because they tend to be the ones to read erotica according to some studies. However, anyone can enjoy the stories in here. You can however use the powerful search feature to find stories that have a certain term or topic in their synopsis, and every story uses a series of codes to quickly tell you what is in it before you click to read further. When you load the site, you'll see in the middle of the screen there are a number of latest submitted stories available. You can click on any of these and open either the whole story in one go or view it in parts, if the author has written categories.

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Though I believe it might be connected to alt. Either way, it is a fantastic library of mind control themed erotica. Of course not all of the stories are at the same level, but it's not too hard to find an author you like. That's not a site I've checked out before, so I'll have to check it out! Yep, Nifty's got a good size archive as well. I love milovana.

Membership is completely free to join and participate on the site you will also be given your own free BDSM blog just for signing up! There is also a very large adult community of people involved in the lifestyle in our lifestyle forums. We have thousands of BDSM stories in our archives and more are being added daily and more authors than any other site. There is also a large selection of bdsm galleries and other photos throughout the site. Be sure to give our bdsm chat rooms a try as well. Our largest sexual organ is still the human mind and its limited only by your imagination.

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