Dr michael merzenich brain secrets

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dr michael merzenich brain secrets

Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life by Michael Merzenich

What if you had the power to change your brain for the better?
In Soft-Wired, Dr. Michael Merzenich--a world authority on brain plasticity--explains how the brain rewires itself across the lifespan, and how you can take control of that process to improve your life. In addition to fascinating descriptions of how your brain has produced your unique memories, skills, quirks, and emotions, Soft-Wired offers sound advice for evaluating your brain and gives clear, specific, scientifically proven guidance for how to rejuvenate, remodel, and reshape your brain to improve it at any age.
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Published 12.12.2018

Neuroplasticity: Brain HQ's Dr. Michael Merzenich - Train Your Brain & Be Smarter

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There's lots of news this month about the amazing things our brains do Plus, read about a plea to teach soft skills, not knowledge. Best wishes,. Devon Barnes Learning Brain News. PS: Dr Eric Jensen presents another live webinar, so students can compete with machines. Details below.

Brain Secrets with Dr. Michael Merzenich

Airs Sunday, March 10, at a. By Jennifer Robinson. This program is part of our TV Membership Campaign. Support quality programming you depend on from KPBS. Give now! More than a decade later, Dr. Join host Maria Shriver to discover how to improve and maintain cognitive fitness and deal with aging.

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  1. Dr. Michael Merzenich conducted the seminal experiments that led to the discovery of lifelong plasticity — that the brain changes chemically.

  2. Michael Merzenich reveals how to rejuvenate the brain and maintain cognitive fitness as one ages; host Maria Shriver.

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