Does louise hay have children

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does louise hay have children

Louise L. Hay (Author of You Can Heal Your Life)

Louise Hay was born to a poor mother who married Hays violent stepfather. When she was about five, she was raped by a neighbor. At fifteen she dropped out of high school without a diploma, became pregnant, and on her sixteenth birthday gave up her newborn baby girl for adoption.

She moved to Chicago, where she worked in menial jobs, before moving in 1950 to New York. At this point she changed her name and began a career as a fashion model. She was successful at this, working for Bill Blass, Oleg Cassini, and Pauline Trigere.

In 1954, she married Andrew Hay, but after fourteen years of marriage Louise was devastated when Andrew left her for another woman.

Hay said that she found the First Church of Religious Science on 48th Street, which taught the transformative power of thought. Hay revealed that here she studied the metaphysical works of authors like Florence Scovel Shinn and the Religious Science founder Ernest Holmes.

In the early 1970s Hay became a Religious Science practitioner. In this role she led people in spoken affirmations meant to cure their illnesses. She also became popular as a workshop leader.

She studied transcendental meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at his university in Fairfield, Iowa.

In 1977 or 1978 she found she had cervical cancer, and she concluded that its cause was her unwillingness to let go of resentment over her childhood abuse and rape. She refused medical treatment, and began a regimen of forgiveness, therapy, reflexology, nutrition, and occasional enemas, and claims she rid herself of the cancer. She declared that there is no doctor left who can confirm this story, but swore that it is true.

In 1976 Hay wrote a small pamphlet, which came to be called Heal Your Body. This pamphlet was enlarged and extended into her book You Can Heal Your Life, which was published in 1984. As of February 2008, it is still on the New York Times best sellers list.

Around the same time she began leading support groups for people living with H.I.V. or AIDS that she called Hay Rides. These grew from a few people in her living room to hundreds in a large hall in West Hollywood. Her work with AIDS patients drew fame and she was invited to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Donahue in the same week in March, 1988.

You Can Heal Your Life immediately landed on the New York Times Best Sellers List. More than 35 million copies are now in print around the world in more than 30 languages and has been made into a movie.

Louise Hay established Hay House Publishing. It is the primary publisher of books and audio books by Deepak Chopra and Doreen Virtue, as well as many books by Wayne Dyer.

In addition to running her publishing company, Hay runs a charitable organization called Hay Foundation that was established in 1985.

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As a Child She Was Abused, Then She Healed Millions With Her Words

I Am Love - Louise Hay's Last Days

She was Eventually, she developed a belief system based on the idea that medical maladies are inextricably linked with negative thoughts. It was a lesson that, Hay said, came from her own personal experience. Hay founded Hay House in — and her account of the disease was central to the rise of this publishing empire, which also offers self-affirming colouring books, can-do desk calendars, inspirational card decks, meditative audio recordings and mobile apps. A streaming radio station was launched in

One of the founders of the self help movement, Louise Hay is an American author who writes motivational books promoting self help through the concept of New Thought. She is also the founder of a publishing company, Hay House. Louise Hay was born to a poverty stricken mother in Los Angeles on October 8, A neighbor raped her when she was only five, adding to her traumatized childhood. By the age of 16, Louise was a high school dropout carrying a teenage pregnancy.

Belonging to the same category is a famously known Motivational Author- Louise Hay. Having had parted her ways from her husband and giving away her daughter long ago, Louise seems to be embarrassing her work over anything else. Let's find out. When you have gone through a rough childhood, and the struggle was real, it will always be difficult growing up since the memories reside somewhere in the back of your mind and haunt you time and again. She was born in a family with a poor economic condition, which included her brutal stepfatherAfterward was violence in and out of her house. Louise reported she was raped when she was just 5.

Louise's journey to success!

With 50 years between us, our relationship dance and form traversed the gamut. Our relationship began under the guise of healer and client and we quickly discovered the depth and width of our soul connection.

Louise Hay is a metaphysical teacher who has been discussing the connection between the mind and the body since , back when the subject was greatly uncommon. She has influenced many people with her work and in thirty years, has sold more than 50 million books around the world. Of these, her first was Heal Your Body which was later revised and expanded in year Another of her most celebrated works is You Can Heal Your Life of year which has been translated to more than 25 languages for ease of understanding in more than 33 countries. Because of her beliefs that one can heal one's own self and with her influential lectures about how man possesses the ability of self growth, she has been regarded as "the closest thing to a living saint" in the words of Australian television. The Oprah Winfrey Show has, along with many other television and radio programs around the world, had the honor of hosting her as a guest.

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  1. Louise Lynn Hay (October 8, – August 30, ) was an American motivational author Hay described how in or she was diagnosed with "incurable" cervical cancer, and how she came to the conclusion that by holding on to.

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