Indirect characterization of scout in to kill a mockingbird

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indirect characterization of scout in to kill a mockingbird

Scout Quotes (22 quotes)

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To Kill A Mockingbird - Characters

To Kill a Mockingbird

Characterization refers to how authors develop characters in their writing. As we read, we need to understand the characters so that we understand how their actions help the plot to unfold. We also usually like to get a sense of what they look like as we read. There are two main types of characterization: direct and indirect characterization. Direct characterization is when the author comes right out and tells the reader what to think about the character. Jeff was a mean boy.

In To Kill a Mockingbird, author Harper Lee definitely uses far more indirect characterization to inform her readers of what Scout is like rather than direct.
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Analysis Of The Book ' The Two Birds One Stone ' By Harper Lee

She grew up in kansas so she had a good idea of prejudice and inequality from her childhood which again made it easy for to create the Character Scout She wrote this during the civil rights movement when there was a large inequality. The small town of Maycomb is segregated into two categories: white and black. They each have their own separate neighborhoods and churches. Rarely is such racism binded with. In To Kill a Mocking Bird, Lee establishes the concurrence of good and evil, meaning whether people are naturally good or naturally evil.

Scout may or may not be a lover, but she's definitely a fighter. At the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird , fighting is her solution to everything: she goes after Walter Cunningham after she gets in trouble on his behalf on the first day of school, she beats up Dill when she thinks he's not paying enough attention to her, and she kicks a member of the lynch mob where it counts, no less when he grabs Jem. When news of Atticus's defense of Tom Robinson percolates down to the schoolyard, it's no wonder that she responds with her fists to the kids' ugly name-calling. So, why the short temper? Well, for one thing, she does seem to win her fights most of the time, so it's a technique that's working for her.

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