Tips clash of lords 2

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tips clash of lords 2

Clash of Lords 2: The Ultimate Game Guide with Hacks, Cheats and Top Tips for Winning Battles, Heroes, Obstacles, Guild, Base Design, Advance Strategies to Win Battle by Jack Adams

Clash of Lords 2: Best Tips and Tricks to Play World Most Addicted Game.

Clash of Lords 2 is a strategy game that is used for Windows 7 and 8 and Mac computers, along with mobile phones, tablets and android operating systems. a popular battle strategy game or you can use an ipad or other mobile device to play.

Non-Official Players Guide, Inside You Will Get::
Clash of Lords2: Overview, Its Popularity and Platforms to Play
Base Designs for Your Successful Game Upgrades
critical accomplishment for your team.
Game option, your Builindings and Base levels
Obstacles, Advanced Strategies and Important Tips
Heroes and Mercenaries to Include.
Quest &Events
Tips for Winning Battles
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The advises : This is a Clash of lords non-official players guide. The information in this book is for your help and play Candy Crush Game.Author is not affiliated to the game creator.

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Clash of Lords 2 - Beginners Guide - Glory Explained - HOW TO GET YOUR HEROES TO LEVEL 200

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Here are also some helpful tips and tricks to be successful in the game. Leader Type heroes have skills that apply to a certain type of mercenary. This bonus does not only apply to Skull Mage's wizards but also to any other wizards that are on the battlefield. Therefore, if you deploy skull mage and glory priestess and use Skull Mages skill, all the wizards on the battlefield will gain that ability. Hero Aid Pairings. Every rare and epic hero has a unique aid skill. Many of these heroes have aid skills that only apply to heroes with certain mercenaries.

Clash of Lords 2 is a new game by IGG. While the original Clash of Lords was essentially a straight Clash of Clans-alike, Clash of Lords 2 adds a surprise element of card-battling games to the mix, which makes for something that looks familiar, but provides a unique gameplay experience. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clash of Lords 2! When you hit three stars on a single player versus computer battle, you will earn three cards or other bonuses , regardless of whether you have played it before or not. If you need to load up on cards as experience-point fodder, go fight one of the old battles again and again, preferably the toughest one that you can beat for bigger card rewards.

Clash of Lords 2 is a very complex strategy game. It doesn't necessarily present itself as such and who knows if it is meant to work this way but playing optimally is not intuitive. Of course it is pay to win, but what game isn't these days, especially mobile games. The good news is the pay to win aspects don't really affect free players too much. This is not a typical guide which explains how to play the game, if you are playing this game you have probably played other strategy games which have the same basic functions and the game has a tutorial. If you were looking for that kind of guide there are plenty of them elsewhere. Here are the things to keep striving for, sorted by my opinion of importance based on rewards for doing so and chances that you already know about it: Spending Jewels , Resource Choice, Spending Resources , Exponential Stats, Gameplay Strategy, and Building Priorities.

Be a Top Level Player Fast

Use them to level up your Mercenaries as much as possible. The real trick to Arena success is to decide on one or two core army strengths and then invest in those to make them as powerful as possible. For example, if you are going for a strong air attack, you will want to use at least three or four Heroes that have Colossadrake mercenaries. This skill will power up ALL of your drakes, giving you a huge damage boost. The trick is to leverage mercenaries and Hero skills together so they boost each other as much as possible.


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