When did bela lugosi die

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when did bela lugosi die

Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration, with a Complete Filmography of Their Films Together by Gregory William Mank

Dracula and Frankensteins Monster are horror cinema icons, and the actors most deeply associated with the two roles also shared a unique friendship. Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff starred in dozens of black-and-white horror films, and over the years managed to collaborate on and co-star in eight movies. Through dozens of interviews and extensive archival research, this greatly expanded new edition examines the Golden Age of Hollywood, the era in which both stars worked, recreates the shooting of Lugosi and Karloffs mutual films, examines their odd and moving personal relationship and analyzes their ongoing legacies. Features include a fully detailed filmography of the eight Karloff and Lugosi films, full summaries of both mens careers and more than 250 photographs, some in color.
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The Black Cat 1941 Stars Basil Rathbone Bela Lugosi&Anne Gwynne Alan Ladd

12 Surprising Facts About Bela Lugosi

Sign in. He was the youngest of four children. During WWI, he volunteered and was commissioned as an infantry lieutenant, and was wounded three times. A distinguished stage actor in his native Hungary, Austria-Hungary, he began his stage career in and started appearing in films during World War I, fleeing to Germany in as a result of his left-wing political activity he organized an actors' union. In he emigrated to the US and made a living as a character actor, shooting to fame when he played Count Dracula in the legendary Broadway stage adaptation of Bram Stoker 's novel. It ran for three years, and was subsequently, and memorably, filmed by Tod Browning in , establishing Lugosi as one of the screen's greatest personifications of pure evil.

At age 11 Lugosi ran away from home and began working odd jobs, including stage acting. He studied at the Budapest Academy of Theatrical Arts and made his stage debut in From to he was a member of the National Theatre. While in Budapest he also acted in several Hungarian films, often under the name Arisztid Olt. He went to Germany in and acted in films there until he immigrated to the United States in He made his Hollywood film debut in The Silent Command but worked sporadically throughout the remainder of the decade, largely because he had not yet mastered the English language and had difficulty communicating with coworkers. It was also during this time that Lugosi was the subject of a national scandal when his wife of three days filed for divorce and named actress Clara Bow as corespondent.

Bela Lugosi is Dracula. My father, Bela Lugosi, created his signature portrayal of the sophisticated Count on the Broadway stage, which he later brought to Universal Studios in its classic horror film Dracula.
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Bela Lugosi: The Forgotten King (documentary 1985)

In Bela Lugosi was in a sad state. The once-handsome, Hungarian-born star of Dracula had seen his career degenerate over the previous two decades until at last he was reduced to playing a cruel parody of himself in some of the tackiest B horror films ever made. Along the way he picked up a drug habit. In late April of the year-old actor, destitute and recently divorced from his fourth wife, checked himself into the psychopathic ward at Los Angeles General Hospital. A few days later, in a hearing held at the ward, Lugosi pleaded with a judge to commit him to a state hospital.

After playing small parts on the stage in his native Hungary, Lugosi gained his first role in a film in He had to leave the country after the failed Hungarian Communist Revolution of because of his socialist activism. He acted in several films in Weimar Germany before arriving in the United States as a seaman on a merchant ship. He later appeared in the film Dracula directed by Tod Browning and produced by Universal Pictures. Through the s, he occupied an important niche in horror films, with their East European setting, but his Hungarian accent limited his potential casting, and he unsuccessfully tried to avoid typecasting. Meanwhile, he was often paired with Boris Karloff , who was able to demand top billing. To his frustration, Lugosi, a charter member of the American Screen Actors Guild , was increasingly restricted to minor parts, kept employed by the studio principally so that they could put his name on the posters.

Veteran Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi, 73, best known for his many Dracula screen roles, died late yesterday in his apartment at Harold Way, apparently the victim of a heart attack. He was treated for three months and in the following August passed a rigid staff examination at Metropolitan State Hospital and was released to resume his film career. She had been a long-time fan of his and during his battle against the dope addition had written him repeatedly of her belief that he would properly rehabilitate himself. She was his fifth wife. He seemed to be getting much better month by month, and it was a great shock to me to find him dead when I entered the house.

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