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where to buy duckie dale shoes

Pretty in Pink by H.B. Gilmour

I live on the outside. Theres something to be said for having nothing.

Andie Walsh is pretty and smart. She has her own style and a kind of pride as unique and personal as the way she dresses. But to the rich kids at school, Andies a nothing - a zoid.

Andie couldnt care less what the richies think. Shes happy with her own friends, like devoted, goofy Duckie Dale. Then Blane McDonough - the ultimate richie - enters her life.

Never in a million years did Andie dream shed fall for a guy like Blane. But when theyre together, nothing else seems to matter. Until Blane asks her to prom - and his crowd starts pressuring him to dump her. Nobody said love was easy, but does it have to hurt so much?
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12 'Pretty In Pink' Fashion Moments That Were Just As Awesome As Andie's Dress

I wanted to be him. His style is pretty much: wear all your favourite things at once. This is not a minimalist look and yet he manages to look cool and not too crazy. I love mish-mashing colours, textures and patterns in clothing and Duckie is the ultimate mish-masher. Get it wrong and it could go very, very wrong.

The kind of shoe you'd wear to take your pretty in pink BFF to prom, Duckie is an updated throwback pattern that just wants to make sure you get home safe.
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Duckie Dale Halloween Costume!

They end up together in a memorable kiss in the parking lot outside the prom, an ending that still infuriates a critical mass of the fanbase of "Pretty in Pink," which celebrates its 30th birthday this weekend. To identify with a privileged dreamboat like Blane, even though McCarthy plays him with great sensitivity and longing, feels either like being too proud of being rich, popular and handsome yourself, or like cheering for Big Tobacco in a class action lawsuit. Instead, a generation of American male teenagers, me included, saw themselves in Duckie—charming, quirky and overlooked. Duckie, not knowing about the date, accuses Andie of disrespecting herself by going out with a rich guy, and then threatens to not be there i. After I realized that being Duckie was a recipe for being a complete and total reject… I came to the first day of school just as me. Test audiences booed this ending, so the filmmakers reshot it to have Andie and Blane end up together, which test audiences liked a lot more.

Back in , Andie Walsh stood up for every young girl that had ever been bullied in school by taking a stand and staying true to her who she is. Growing up with very little, Andie took it upon herself to shop at thrift stores and pull together outfits of her own creation each day. This act did not earn her any brownie points with the mean girls at school, but being comfortable in her own skin was more important to the Pretty In Pink protagonist then impressing the masses. Girl power, yo. Though she set the standard for originality and flair, Andie's volcanic ensembles — as her best friend Duckie so eloquently dubbed them — were not the only outfits to score style points in Pretty In Pink.

You know there's going to be a lot of attention paid to style with a title like "Pretty in Pink. And while John Hughes and Howard Deutch 's film wasn't just about fashion, the iconic moments from the storyline were helped along by each character's look. If the love story of teenage outsider Andie and rich-kid Blane was what pulled viewers in, each character's personal style is part of what made the movie go from a nice flick to a cinematic time capsule, from good to great. If you've forgotten it, let's refresh your memory. She wanted to be like the other girls, you know, in a strapless dress with kind of a full skirt. The character of Andie, however, wouldn't have been able to afford a dress like most of the other girls at school -- nor would one truly suit her persona.

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