Bu bu jing xin 2 eng sub

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bu bu jing xin 2 eng sub

Bu Bu Jing Xin/步步惊心 by Tong Hua

Zhang Xiao, a white collar worker from 21st century China, discovers that her soul has wandered back in time to the Qing Dynasty during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor and inhabited the body of a teenage Manchu girl, Maertai Ruoxi. Being stranded in the past with no means to return to her own time, Zhang unwittingly embroiled in a power struggle among the emperors sons, as well as being entangled in complicated romantic relationships with them. (from Wikipedia)

白领俪人若曦独立自主,聪明醒目,意外穿越到清朝康熙年间。穿越、情仇、宫斗、浪漫、残酷……若曦带着对清史的洞悉卷入这场九王夺嫡的争斗中,不断地与命运抗争或妥协。她知道历史的走向,也知道站在谁一边才是明智的选择,可这里有她深爱之人,于是, 她只能处处为营,步步惊心。
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步步驚心 Startling by Each Step 02(劉詩詩、吳奇隆、林更新等主演)

Scarlet Heart 2, Startling by Each Step: The Happiness that I Owe You, Bu Bu Jing Xin 2, Bu Bu Jing Qing, Startling Love By Each Step, watch Startling by.
Tong Hua

bu bu jing xin 2 ep 2

Watch it online Viki. There is NO soft subtitle currently available for this drama that I know of, unfortunately. There are two versions: 1 Tv Version — Episodes are cut, not all scenes are included 2 Dvd Version — Episodes are full, all scenes included. Ep DONE!! Drink water!! I have done my end of seeding the virus, now you guys go spread it!! Alice : Finally!

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We Recommend. By using our website, you accept and agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use., Zhang Xiao is a southerner, who moved to Beijing working as an OL, with dreams of romance and a stable job. Yin Zheng, Kang Xi Hang both are fore-runners in next in line inheriting the firm.

It is the sequel to Scarlet Heart , and continues the story after the time traveling protagonist, Zhang Xiao Cecilia Liu , returns to her own time following the death of Ma'ertai Ruoxi. The story is not considered to be canon to Tong Hua 's novel Bu Bu Jing Xin because the author never wrote a sequel, although some of the cast members from the first series have returned. Unlike its predecessor, the series does not involve time traveling and will be set in the present, resolving the loose ends left by the cliffhanger. It has been three months since Zhang Xiao woke up from a coma and she can't forget about the Fourth Prince. One day, at the museum, she meets a man identical to him; He is Yin Zheng, the stepson of Zhentian Corporation's chairman. Shortly after, however, an accident occurs and she loses her memories as Ruoxi.



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  1. Original title: 步步惊情; Romanized title: Bu Bu Jing Xin 2; Also known as: Step by Step Surprise, Startling by Each Step: The Happiness that I Owe You, Bu Bu.

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