Traditional chinese medicine body clock

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traditional chinese medicine body clock

The body clock guide. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Prevention and Healthcare by Zhang Jiaofei

Very useful and practical manual provided you know the basics of TCM. Will help you plan your daily routine as well as deal with some minor ailments or symptoms of disharmony.

I’m giving it 4 stars because I’d appreciate more straightforward instructions on how to best spend all of the 2-hour blocks (meaning work, physical exercise, relaxation, socializing etc).
Also, a friend of mine and a more advanced student of TCM, had some reservations about the acupuncture points description - to be checked by someone more familiar with the matter, as far as accu points are concerned, I’m a beginner.
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Published 13.12.2018

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They each have regular rest and active cycles throughout the day, with different organs becoming dominant at different hours. He explains how the body clock can provide deep insight into our physical and energetic health. For example, if we always wake up at a certain time at night, we should look up which organ is associated with that time, which will lead us to discover the part of our body that needs special attention and help. The author explores the 12 major organs of the body, describing their active and rest hours, their function inside the body, the mental and emotional states they are related to, and their connections to the teeth, the other organs, and the Five Elements of TCM. Lothar Ursinus has been a naturopath for over 30 years. He is known for developing his own method of analysis that interprets results from laboratories not only on a scientific level but also on a naturopathic, mental, and holistic level. He gives seminars for both naturopaths and doctors on this method.

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Most of us think of the body clock , or circadian rhythm, as the internal system that regulates when we fall asleep and wake up. According to the 2,year-old school of thought, just about every function of your body is linked to a specific time on your internal clock.

Certain points along the pathways are known as acupuncture points. The cycle is sometimes called the energy body clock. Using it may help to explain why certain symptoms manifest, or get worse, at different times of day or night. What if it could be used, in combination with other approaches, to help identify problem areas? As an example, a woman in her 50s who was going through the menopause frequently awoke at 2am feeling very angry and possessing, for no good reason, a desire to knife her sleeping and unsuspecting! I was astonished to discover that, according to the Chinese body clock, am is associated with sadness and grief. Drinking mullein tea also supports the lungs.


4 thoughts on “The body clock guide. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Prevention and Healthcare by Zhang Jiaofei

  1. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that each organ has its point of highest energy and lowest energy.

  2. In Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM , there is an organ clock that represents the time of the day when each organ is functioning optimally and has the most energy.

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