Alaska to argentina motorcycle ride

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alaska to argentina motorcycle ride

Lois on the Loose: One Woman, One Motorcycle, 20,000 Miles Across the Americas by Lois Pryce

Lois Pryce was working at the BBC in London, firmly set on the career track. But unbeknownst to her coworkers, Lois was leading a parallel life as well, that of a biker babe with an overwhelming case of wanderlust, one that couldnt be satisfied by a weekend holiday. Her days in a cubicle were numbered, and it wasnt long before she was back on her bike and looking for adventure.
Armed only with the Spanish words for caution and cheese, Lois set off to conquer America---both Americas, actually. Starting in Alaska and working her way down the Pacific Coast, she rode through snow, desert, and everything in between to reach the southernmost tip of Argentina.
Lois tackled every type of fellow biker imaginable and endured everything the continents could throw at her with quick thinking and a vibrant sense of humor. Whether bribing her way through Central American borders, spending the night in a Mexican brothel, or crashing her bike in Patagonia, Loiss bright, funny travelogue will charm anyone who longs for adventure and a stretch of the open road.
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North Korean Motorcycle Diaries

Four Military Veterans Ride KLRs From Alaska To Argentina

In an upcoming movie documentary, four military veterans ride to "Where the Road Ends" for all those reasons and more. The group of vets approached it as a mission. Lest you think that was the easy part, they did it in November. They bolted custom side cars to their KLRs and rode through heavy snow and freezing temperatures. They endured electrical failures on one of the bikes, and their tires spat out their studs on the road. They screwed new studs in, fixed their electrical problems, and kept going.

Motorcycle Adventure Throughout The Americas

The Quesnel-born-and-raised motorcycle enthusiast embarked on a trip of a lifetime last February, with plans to circumnavigate the globe by bike. On Feb. His plans to do it by motorbike took shape almost 15 years ago, when he started a savings account specifically for this trip. When he and his wife split up a few years ago, it was a catalyst to turning his travel dreams into reality. So I quit, sold the house in Maple Ridge and started planning. He then began his journey south, down the coast of the western United States and into Mexico.

Then, like flicking a switch, we cross into Mexico and the change is instant! The colours, noise and chaos of Mexico and Central America will certainly challenge your riding skills. The cooler climes and winding roads of the Sierra Madre and its colonial heartland, incredible highlands of Guatemala, the Mayan ruins in Mexico, the tropical jungles and the smoking volcanoes of Costa Rica, means that this part of the world will be rattling your senses a long time after you have left. We think the best is the ride into stunning Copper Canyon in Northern Mexico! Our the Bridge of the Americas, into Panama City signals the end of this part of our journey. The Rider Price shown is based on the rider using their own motorcycle. For tours less than four weeks, you will need motorcycle rental if you do not have your own motorcycle available at the start destination of the tour.

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  1. This couple rode a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina for their and their shared love of travel to ride 25, miles from Alaska to Argentina.

  2. Each method has a different time frame and cost, though typically most riders opt to enjoy a nice sailing experience with their motorcycle.

  3. This day, 17, mile, trip will take you through 16 countries, a beautiful 4-day sail boat tour, and sights such as The Yucatan Peninsula, Manchu Picchu, Salta de Uyuni, and Torres del Paine.

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