List of world war 1 video games

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list of world war 1 video games

Books About Video Games and Virtual Reality (334 books)

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Published 13.12.2018

Top 10 Best World War II Games

List of World War I video games

War has been heavily depicted within the media entertainment format in general. From blockbuster movies to even video games, consumers are always interested in an over-the-top war story. We of course would like to know what you think of our list and if there are any additional titles we should include in the future! Let us know by leaving a comment down below, but without further ado, here are our picks for the top video games set within the First World War. Valiant Hearts is a slightly newer video game title that was released by Ubisoft and is set within the Great War.

Last year marked the th year anniversary of the end of World War One. While the subject has seen renewed interest these past few years generally, there's not been any decent new computer war game releases so this list remains fairly static, which is a shame considering the interesting materiel coming out of the board war games world these days. Want to look ahead to the sequel? We've rounded-up the best of the best WW2 games right here. Still, these are all great games if you haven't tried them yourself yet, and we've divided them into a couple different types of game. One of the reasons we decided to give this last another bump is that, against all odds, we're getting a new WW1 war game? Titled Strategic Commnad: World War I not to be confused with the Strategic Command Classic WW1 game below this will be a new main entry in the series that will take advantage of all the tech advances the team have made with their recent WW2 release like World at War.

A statement comes up occasionally that historical games are a big thing. If the measuring stick is the amount of people who consume traditional historical representations a. A quick scan of the most sold games of last couple of years gives one way of looking into this. None of these popular games aim for historical accuracy, but they use historical elements in their settings and of course all of them have large amounts of fictional locations, characters and events etc. From a glance at internet sources like filmsite. Although quite a few of these are from a earlier era of cinema when large scale historical epics like Ben-Hur where popular.

This is a list of video games that are set in World War I. Contents. 1 Adventure games; 2 Action games; 3 Horror games; 4 First-person shooter; 5 Simulator.
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This article explores the relation of WWI popular collective memory to historical videogames. The article provides an overview of WWI games, organising them by genre and determining their engagement with the imagery that typically sustains and constitutes WWI popular memory. The article attempts to explain this lack of engagement by examining the issues that face videogames in trying to engage WWI popular memory tonal incompatibility; fear of trivialisation through ludification ; uncertainty about playable positions given its relatively sensitive and contested nature. Accordingly, the analysis suggests that the nature of the depictions of WWI that players are exposed to in this new popular form is partly shaped by the particular limitations that the videogame form and its perceived cultural role entail. In doing so, the article also examines the nature of the videogame as a form for historical representation. However, these events also show that in many places WWI remains a strong presence in collective memory. Unsurprisingly then, WWI is still represented in a variety of media.


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  2. There are over video games based on World War II —even going by the most rudimentary method of accounting, the Wikipedia search.

  3. Game Studies - It’s Hard to Play in the Trenches: World War I, Collective Memory and Videogames

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