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yuri on ice manga download

Book dragons - Manga/anime: Yuri on ice Showing 1-2 of 2

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Yuri!!! on Life: Yuri!!! on Ice Official Guide Book

Victor has been spending most of the season training Yuri and only joining him on the ice in practice sessions. Victor is rarely seen skating at all minus a few flashbacks. In order to comprehend what makes this gay figure skating anime so revolutionary, and what made it so popular in the West, you need to understand the culture in which it was made. Japan, for all its gay, fanservice-laden manga and anime, is generally homophobic and traditional, still not having legalized same-sex marriage. Some areas in Tokyo, like Shibuya, have legalized it the first same-sex marriage certificate was issued in , and a slight majority of Japanese people support it. A lot of the stories depict these relationships, but only seem to do so to pander to its audiences or play with something that can never be.

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Where do people get all the additional information from? I have wondered about this since this seems to be an anime original and only one episode aired so far. I believe they will release the manga after the series is over, or release it chapter by chapter according to the events in the anime are shown. If what I said made any sense. They probably isn't a full manga, but some storyboards and drafts, so if we were to read it, it wouldn't make much sense to us, and wouldn't even have proper art. If they were to make a manga, they'd have to redo the art and everything.

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