Taking good real estate photos

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taking good real estate photos

48 Tips for Taking the Best Real Estate Photos: by Zachary Drennan

Do I have to buy a camera, or will my cell phone do? What are accessories I might need? What are mistakes to avoid? Get the answers here!

Based on my experience working with buyers and sellers, taking my own photos, and perusing thousands of others photos, here are my tips for taking the very best listing photos for your property, with a healthy dose of my own opinions sprinkled in!
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Published 13.12.2018

How To Shoot Real Estate Photography - Camera Settings

These 10 real estate photography tips will help you take great pictures every single time, regardless of the property you're shooting.
Zachary Drennan

10 Simple Tips for Impressive Real Estate Photography

Getting your marketing right is vital for successful real estate sales, and the starting point is with professional images. With most buyers browsing the internet for properties before they attend a viewing, it makes having quality photos even more important. Essentially, it is your first chance to make a good impression. Professional looking photos are essential for any type of property, from luxury real estate to low-end rentals. It will help attract more buyers and therefore a higher price. Here are some benefits of using good quality photos in your listings:. Starting out with quality equipment is the first step to gaining great real estate photos.

Have you ever seen a magazine spread of a house and thought, is this place even real? The study, conducted by VHT Studios, took houses of all values into account. That means that your bang-up real estate photos could cinch the deal before a buyer even sees the house. Photography newbie? We interviewed top agents in the business, scoured real estate blogs, and did a ton of research on the art and science that is great photography. With that, we bring you the best and the brightest guide for how to take real estate photos that are just as good as a professional.

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How to get your house ready for breathtaking listing photos

But you also need to know what potential buyers are looking for when they peruse homes online. This is where staging comes in. - Real estate photography is always in demand. Houses go on and off the market daily.



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