Quotes about being patient and strong

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quotes about being patient and strong

Be Patient Quotes (21 quotes)

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Published 03.12.2018

30 Stay Strong Quotes for Inspiration

Be Patient Quotes

Patience is one of the greatest quality a person can have. Patience is the quality which enables a person to accept the delays or shortcomings in life with calm and composed persona. Patience is something which not everyone possesses because it is a rare quality. It is difficult to be patient when things are not going your way. But the reason why patience makes life easier is because it gives the person a chance to think straight and makes things right.

There are things in life that require more time than others. You wear yourself out for nothing In many and many a way! Why are you nervous and fretty When things do not move along fast; Why let yourself get excited Over things that will soon be past? Misfortunes have their life and their limits, their sickness and their health. For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. So in like manner you must grow in patience when you meet with great wrongs, and they. Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal.

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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "patience" Showing of 1, We shall get there some day. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh. She was the book thief without the words.

Looking for the best patience quotes? You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. It is just like building up a muscle. Every day you need to work on it. Not passively waiting. That is laziness.

Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you. Ovid Click to tweet. First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. Mahatma Gandhi Click to tweet.

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