Islamic quotes about father and daughter

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islamic quotes about father and daughter

Father And Son Quotes (63 quotes)

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Baap Aur Beti ki Mohabbat In Hindi\Urdu - Father & Daughter Love - Baap Ka Pyaar Beti K Liye

And the right of your father is that you should know that he is your root and you are his branch. And without him, you would not be. Whenever you see anything in yourself which pleases you, you should know that your father is the root of its blessing upon you.

Right n. 23: The Right of the Father

This page has a vast collection of daughter quotes in Urdu, which includes ; mother-daughter quotes, father-daughter quotes and stock of famous mother-daughter and father-daughter sayings. Importance of daughter in Islam is also given here. A Daughter can never forget her father. The common habit between a father and a daughter, both love their Doll. Which Flower is more Beautiful? Some Islamic Quotes on the Birth of a Daughter.

Note: These are the closest results we could find to match your search. Sorted by: Relevance. I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection. Dad you taught me the love of a father. In your arms I was always safe. You taught me selflessness.

Source : Jamiat. Children are no doubt a great gift from Almighty Allah to all parents. We, as parents, should thank and be grateful to Almighty Allah for blessing us with children whether they are boys or girls. Today, it is quite disheartening to see that some parents rejoice when the newborn child is a male and show their dissatisfaction when the child is a female. But, this should not be the attitude. Islam does not condone this type of behavior, as such was the manner of the parents in the time of ignorance.

Based on the above, here are some recommendations:

To create a pious and safe environment to raise their children and protect and develop Taqwa Righteousness in them to enable them to become God-fearing servants of Allah. Sadly these days a lot of marriages are breaking up and ending in divorce. This is why we should all desire to live in a society that is free from such bad practices and our homes should be dwellings that are a demonstration of heaven on earth. The only way that anyone can survive in this materialistic society, a society which is engulfing the world and leading everyone away from Allah, is to ensure that Allah remains firmly rooted in our hearts. As a support to the marriage, the parents also play an important role in helping and guiding the married couple.

Amongst the many family dynamics issues that the Muslim community is beginning to address, one of the least-discussed subjects remains that of father-daughter relationships. In the Muslim community especially, this is an issue which has been overlooked, ignored, and generally treated with a sense of discomfort. Particularly amongst immigrant families, the relationship between a father and his daughter s is often a distant one; girls are encouraged to spend the majority of their time with their mothers and other womenfolk. Unfortunately, this is a practice which has extremely negative repercussions… for the fathers, the daughters, and indeed the Ummah at large. Psychologists refer to father-daughter relationships as having an importance too often overlooked, despite the incredible impact that it has on both parties. There is a misconception that a father is merely the breadwinner, the supporter of the household, that his role is primarily that of financial provider rather than nurturer.

However, what I know and feel in my heart is that were I to choose my father, I would have chosen you baaba. This is what a daughter told her father many years ago. There is a very special bond between a father and a daughter and the most beautiful example of this is the relationship Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam had with daughter Fatima Radiallahu anha. Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said:. Whatever pleases her, pleases me and whatever angers her, angers me.

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  1. Islamic quotes about father and daughter. Daughters are blessings from Allah SWT. They share a special bond with their fathers. Allah SWT has made a.

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