Fun facts about el salvador

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fun facts about el salvador

The El Salvador Fact and Picture Book: Fun Facts for Kids About El Salvador by Gina McIntyre

Turn & Learn presents: The El Salvador Fact and Picture Book

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20 Interesting Facts About El Salvador

Apr 19, Facts about El Salvador, which is the smallest of all Central The indigo plant was the most important crop during the colonial period. 6.
Gina McIntyre

El Salvador Facts.

Population est. Capital and largest city est. Current government officials. Languages: Spanish, Nahua among some Amerindians. National Holiday: Independence Day, September Religions: Roman Catholic Real growth rate: 1.

How much do you know about El Salvador? This small Central American country does not receive the attention it deserves. Many years ago, I married a Salvadoran. As an outcome, I have lost count of the times I have visited the country. And, you know what? I love it in there!

How much do you know about El Salvador? Or at least s.
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El Salvador is located in central America. The Pacific Ocean surrounds the West to south of the country. It is one of the smallest countries in Central America and has a population of approximately 6,, people. This is roughly the same amount of people who would live in the state of Massachusetts. Spanish is the main language in El Salvador. It is used when someone wants to refer to good vibes from a person, place or a situation.

It has a total area of 21, square km. San Salvador is its capital and largest city. Spanish is its official language. By area it is the smallest of all the Central American countries while Nicaragua is the largest of all. United States dollar is its official currency. It is bordered by Guatemala and Honduras. El Salvador is a Central American country with a rich culture, long history and plenty of things to learn.

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