Romeo and juliet quotes about killing themselves

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romeo and juliet quotes about killing themselves

Romeo and Juliet - Who is at fault for the death of Romeo and Juliet? Showing 1-50 of 381

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Suicide Music Video, Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Far left image: "Romeo and Juliet Black and White. There are five quotes per act that we thought were significant. To the right of each quote is a sentence explaining how the quote is significant. Put up thy sword, or manage to part these men with me. This quote foreshadows from the very beginning of the play that two lovers will fatefully take their own lives. Earlier the Chorus says that two lovers are going to take their own lives, so this quote foreshadows that the main conflict will be resolved with the deaths of the lovers.

Romeo and Juliet Please see the bottom of the page for explanatory notes. Hold, take this letter; early in the morning. The Taste for Death in Shakespeare's Heroes "In Sophocles, Haemon killed himself at the tomb of Antigone, as does Romeo in the tomb of Juliet; but Sophocles does not show us this scene of love and death; gloomy vaults do not accord with ideas of love and marriage in Greek art. But in Romeo's case, on the contrary, the horror redoubles his ardour; he feels more impassioned, more enthusiastic, more loving, if I may dare to say so, not merely because this is the last time that he will contemplate Juliet's beauties, but because — am I deceived? Note his words; he speaks with neither horror nor disgust -— of what? Thus did he picture Juliet, and never did he love her more fondly, no! Read on

O, how may I Call this a light'ning? Thou art not conquered. O, what more favor can I do to thee, Than with that hand that cut thy youth in twain To sunder his that was thine enemy? Forgive me, cousin—Ah, dear Juliet, Why art thou yet so fair? Shall I believe That unsubstantial death is amorous, And that the lean abhorred monster keeps Thee here in dark to be his paramour?

The quote "O happy dagger!" is from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Learn who said it and O happy dagger! Juliet: "O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die." Themes: death and sickness, suicide. Speakers: Juliet.
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Romeo + Juliet (1996) - Romeo Dies Scene (4/5) - Movieclips

Jule Romans is a retired English teacher and college instructor. She has taught Shakespeare and advanced literature for over 25 years. In the Romeo and Juliet death scene, Juliet is lying in the tomb, under the influence of a sleeping potion that makes it appear that she has died. Romeo finds her in the tomb. Before entering the tomb, Romeo kills Paris in the graveyard. Romeo mourns over her body, and then drinks poison because he believes that Juliet is truly dead.

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  1. Throughout Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has held up the possibility of suicide as an inherent aspect of intense love. Passion cannot be stifled, and when.

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