What does this incident tell us about religious tolerance

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what does this incident tell us about religious tolerance

Religious Tolerance Quotes (127 quotes)

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Published 03.12.2018

Is this Mr Obama’s religious tolerance?

Religious intolerance on the rise worldwide, says US report

Three-quarters of the world's human population of seven billion live under strong government curbs on religion, or among serious "social hostilities" involving faith issues, find researchers. The US and UK, say the researchers, are among countries showing a worrying rise in religious discrimination. The survey, The Rising Tide of Restrictions on Religion , is the second successive one by Pew to note increasing intolerance worldwide. Painting a stark picture of a "rising tide" of intolerance and government restrictions on religious matters, the report cites evidence including "crimes, malicious acts and violence motivated by religious hatred or bias, as well as increased government interference with worship or other religious practices". Remarking on the trend, the report says: "The number of countries where harassment or intimidation of specific religious groups took place rose from as of mid, to as of mid In the survey the UK is second among countries marked "high" — on a scale from very high, the top offending countries, to low — with regard to "social hostility", one of the two indices used to evaluate levels of intolerance. The ranking puts the UK, on the table of descending scores, in the next place down below Kenya, and at one place above Burma.

Following the events of September 11, , Islam became the centre of media attacks in many parts of the world. Persistent charges and accusations were levelled against its followers. The spurt in Islamophobia has given rise to a breed of apologists who can go to any extremes to placate fear and suspicion among others. One instance that comes to mind is the case of a Pakistani human rights activist, Ansar Burney, who, a few years back, had travelled to Amritsar, in India, to perform the Kumari Puja. You are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or any other places of worship You may belong to any religion or caste or creed.

Religious intolerance is intolerance of another's religious beliefs or practices or lack thereof. The mere statements contrary to one's beliefs do not constitute intolerance. Religious intolerance, rather, is when a group e. The modern concept of intolerance developed out of the religious controversies between Protestants and Catholics in 17th- and 18th-century England. The doctrine of 'religious toleration' at this time, sought to eradicate religious sentiments and dogmas from the political demesne.

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We are told that the fanatical fringe groups who do these terrible things are at odds with the essential Muslim commitment to peace and love. I understand the reasons for such responses, but they oversimplify the relation of religion to intolerance and the violence it can lead to. Both Islam and Christianity claim to be revealed religions, holding that their teachings are truths that God himself has conveyed to us and wants everyone to accept. They were, from the start, missionary religions. To what extent should it tolerate religious error? At certain points in their histories, both Christianity and Islam have been intolerant of other religions, often of each other, even to the point of violence.

We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. Religious violence is undergoing a revival. The past decade has witnessed a sharp increase in violent sectarian or religious tensions. These range from Islamic extremists waging global jihad and power struggles between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the Middle East to the persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar and outbreaks of violence between Christians and Muslims across Africa. According to Pew, in more than a quarter of the world's countries experienced a high incidence of hostilities motivated by religious hatred, mob violence related to religion, terrorism, and harassment of women for violating religious codes.


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  1. and find homework help for other History (General) questions at eNotes. There is no value in religious intolerance under these circumstances. If we choose to be intolerant of them or they choose to be intolerant of us, this will not work out.

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