Quotes about mountains and rivers

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quotes about mountains and rivers

Mountains Quotes (442 quotes)

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Published 01.12.2018

Magnificent mountains and rivers (HD1080p)

I gave my heart to the mountains the minute I stood beside this river with its spray in my face and watched it thunder into foam, smooth to green glass over sunken rocks, shatter to foam again. I was fascinated by how it sped by and yet was always there; its roar shook both the earth and me.

40 Inspirational Quotes about Mountains

I know people who fell in love with mountains in their adult life. I had a privilege to be taught that by my father. What you can find below is a humble compilation of my favorite mountain quotes. Then you will see how low it was. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.

There is something humbling about mountains. But ultimately, the most humbling part is the sense of accomplishment that you get after climbing one. If you like these quotes, feel free to pin them on Pinterest and share them around! Happy reading! Whenever I am hiking in nature, I feel so much more connected to the world around me!

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There must be a connection between the mountains and us, which always grabs our attention towards them. In this fast-paced world, we all crave for solace deep in our hearts. We somehow find peace in the silence they have in the surroundings, the calm and soothing breeze that touches our faces, in the sun. It warms our senses, and peeks through trees, in the rocks that challenge us to climb them with superior force of our bodies, in the wilderness that teases us with chirping of birds and sounds of animals in the distance, in the turquoise water , which calls us with its glimmering sounds, and crisp smells in the fresh air. You must admit that we all want an ideal escape from our day-to-day lives and there is no better option than hitting the mountains. Many famous authors and philosophers have appreciated these giant behemoths with their inspirational mountain quotes.

What is it about mountains that encapsulates our greatest adventures and triumph? Is it their unpredictable force and unmerciful weather? Their towering, grandiose height? Their demanding presence? Humans have always been fascinated with mountains: admiring their beauty from afar and from their summits, attempting to reach the top of even the tallest and most treacherous mountains. Even our legendary heroes and gods live among mountains. We are fascinated with the stories and quotes about mountains, the challenges we face climbing them, their role in nature, and of course their symbol for life: our journey, struggles, and triumphs.


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