Short stories about bullying for middle school

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short stories about bullying for middle school

Bullied by Jeff Erno

Every day, all over the country, teenagers struggle with the realities of bullying. Tormented, ridiculed, and beaten—simply for being who they are—these teens face alienation, humiliation, and even the explicit assertion that they have somehow brought this upon themselves, that they should just blend in. Bullied is a series of short stories exploring the world of these teens from several different viewpoints: the victim, the bully, the gay bystander, the straight friend, the concerned parent.

Closeted Bryan wonders why Christian Michaelson doesnt just try to blend in if he hates being bullied so much. Star athlete David isnt a homophobe—after all, hes not afraid of anything. Jonathan, a Christian fundamentalist, must weigh the Bible against peer pressure and what he knows is right when he discovers his childhood friend is gay. Bully victim Chase Devereaux finds an unexpected ally in a brave fellow student. A single mom struggles to accept the reality that her only son is gay. Two tough gay teens are forced to confront their own inner demons when tragedy befalls a classmate they failed to help. And overweight Kirby finds the strength of character to make a friend, which leads to a lifestyle change and a chance at love. Each character grows as an individual as he or she comes to terms with what it means to be a gay teenager in America.
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Bully (2011)

Sharing stories with children in our homes and classrooms offers many rich opportunities to relate to one another, to share wisdom and communicate feelings. Story-telling can even elevate our mood and give us hope.
Jeff Erno

14 Must-Read Anti-Bullying Books for Kids

I just turned 12 when I left elementary school and started secondary education. Going to school was not a good idea. At least not for me …. The first couple of months were doable. It took me quite a while to adapt to the new situation.

Looking for even more short stories to read with your middle school and high school students? There are so many options out there, many of which can be used.
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With summer break slowly coming to an end , you might be getting anxious about the upcoming school year. And for those who are victims of bullies, the first day of school can be particularly frightening. According to StopBullying. S students in grades have experienced bullying. From calling names over social media to ganging up on someone at the playground, bullying takes many different forms.

In fact, 1 out of 4 teens are bullied and 1 out of 5 kids admit to being a bully. With the help of our awesome teacher community, we compiled these anti-bullying books organized from youngest to oldest that address teasing, friendship, self-esteem and more. By Kevin Henkes Grades: Preschool A popular picture book, Chrysanthemum is a story about teasing, self-esteem and acceptance. This book is ideal for addressing bullying that can be resolved without adult intervention.

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