107 facts about the lion king

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107 facts about the lion king

C.S. Lewis Quotes (Author of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) (page 107 of 151)

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Facts about the original Lion King to get you amped for the live action film (24 Photos)

One of the artists have confronted me on the matter and claimed their work was being taken and upon asking it to be removed they we're blocked. Please help report this page a lot of this art was also commissioned meaning people paid for this and did not give consent for it to be reposted. Well it isn't. If you look by the I am. Right by the I you see a picture that stands out. The art belongs to EmilyJayOwens.

Nala is a fictional character who appears in Disney 's The Lion King franchise. In the original film, the adult Nala is voiced by American actress Moira Kelly. Young Nala's speaking voice is provided by actress Niketa Calame, while singers Laura Williams and Sally Dworsky provide the singing voices of young and adult Nala respectively. Nala is introduced as the childhood best friend of Simba , and ultimately becomes his wife by the end of The Lion King. Several years after Simba's uncle Scar has killed Simba's father Mufasa and usurped the throne, Nala desperately ventures into the jungle to find help. Upon unexpectedly reuniting with a grown Simba, who she had long been tricked by Scar into presuming dead, Nala encourages him to return to Pride Rock, overthrow his uncle and ultimately become king.

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The mole [1] is a male mole. In the original theatrical version of the film, the mole appears right after Zazu is pounced on by Simba. He informs the majordomo that the hyenas have invaded the Pride Lands. In the Special Edition version of the film, when Zazu begins to sing " The Morning Report ," the mole pops up from a pile of dirt and is spotted by Simba, who tries to pounce on him, but the mole pops back into the dirt. The mole reappears, trying to get Zazu's attention, but Simba notices him again, and the mole hides back in the dirt. For the third time, the mole reappears near a small rock, and Simba once more tries to pounce on him, but the mole disappears, causing Simba to hit his head on a rock.

Ariel and Hercules are cousins?! Mind blown.. Manco was turned into a non-talking llama by Yzma after she found out. It was a musical movie that was intended to be as epic as The Lion King, but fell flat. So instead we got… wait for it-. Now, about Yzma, well originally she was supposed to be more of a witch doctor than a mad scientist.

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