Best german quotes about life

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best german quotes about life

Germany Kent Quotes (106 quotes)

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21 Inspiring German Proverbs for German Learners

It seems like you have all your bases covered in order to achieve native levels in no time. However, if you really want to put some shine on your language skills, knowing German proverbs is a great place to start. Proverbs add versatility and color to your spoken language. Peppering them into your speech shows that you possess a wide vocabulary and really have your German together. In addition, because these rhetorical devices are often steeped in the culture of their users, they will give you instant bonus points with any native. Even as a beginner it is not a bad idea to add them to your repertoire early on.

In the spirit of self motivation, here are 30 of the best inspirational quotes, sayings, and proverbs in German with translations to motivate you:. Translation: Luck helps the audacious. English equivalent: — Those who act boldly or courageously are most likely to succeed. English equivalent: — Among the blind, the one-eyed is king. Wer Feuer bedarf, sucht es in der Asche. English equivalent: — Let him that is cold blow the coals.

Written at a time when a third of the German kingdom had died from the devastation of the Years War and the plague, Fleming wrote in the spirit of living, commanding himself to live compassionately but without too much reservation. Fleming's words still appear to hold weight in today's society, in which the practice of mindfulness and meditation are becoming the latest trend, focusing on self-love and self-control. You could probably imagine having to chant these words to yourself as part of a meditation practice. Young people enjoying themselves around a campfire. He was a forerunner in Germany's golden age of literature which gave way to Goethe and Schiller almost a century later. His advice on how to go about living your life comes from his poem "Vom Tode" engl. From Death.

Every language has its own set of wisdom quotes and proverbs that pass on knowledge from generation to generation. They can be really beneficial for language learners , too, as they highlight linguistic quirks and both the similarities and differences between languages.
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21 Inspiring German Proverbs for German Learners

Guten Tag! Ich hoffe, es geht euch gut! Whenever I feel like that, I like to look up some motivational words to get myself back on track. Man muss an sich selbst glauben. Das ist das Geheimnis.

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  1. Funny German quotes; German quotes about life; Motivational German quotes Translation: “The best part of getting older, is that you don't have to care what.

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