Best nonfiction books about the ocean

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best nonfiction books about the ocean

Popular Non Fiction Ocean Sea Books

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The Blue Whale a wonderful nonfiction book for children

These books are a mix of fiction, memoir, and non-fiction that all pay tribute to the discovery, this John Steinbeck novel is considered his best non-fiction work.
Ann McGovern

Nonfiction Kids Books about Oceans and Marine Life

All reading lists are incomplete and arbitrary. This is especially true of a list limited to a dozen works about the ocean, the blue immensity that comprises 71 percent of our planet. So take this list with a grain of sea salt — and suggest your own favorites in the comments section below. Log From the Sea of Cortez. Sea Change. The only non-technical book I brought along on my trip researching coral reefs around the world. Earle, known to many as Her Deepness, is a leading ocean explorer, scientist, and ocean advocate.

11 Books to Explore the Mysteries of the Ocean Deep curious, and passionate scientists who dare to discover the Earth's greatest unexplored frontier. . Confessions of a True Crime-Aholic: 11 Nonfiction Serial Killer Reads.
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Make Your Own List. We plunder the ocean for food, dump our waste in it, respect its wildlife less than land-based creatures. Is it a case of "out of sight, out of mind"? Marine biologist Helen Scales tells us what's down there and what we're doing to it. Helen Scales is a marine biologist.

These books are a mix of fiction, memoir, and non-fiction that all pay tribute to the beauty, mystery, and power of the oceans to capture our imaginations and fascination. A stirring tale of travel and discovery, this John Steinbeck novel is considered his best non-fiction work. Detailing a research expedition the author took with a biologist friend in the Gulf of California, this book tells stories of broken motors, rare specimens, and friendship as Steinbeck and his friend, marine biologist Ed Ricketts, travel the length of the Gulf of California. Image Credit: Amazon. Earning Hemingway a Nobel Prize in Literature, this slim novel stands the test of time as a classic of ocean literature. The Sea Around Us smashed records when it was published and earned Carson recognition in many science and literary circles. Focusing on the geologic and biological processes that make the oceans so mysterious and awe-inspiring, this book combines scientific facts with lyricism to take you on a journey through the geologic history of the Earth and the darkest depths of the seas.

Marine life is fascinating and kids will love these nonfiction books that teach them about the amazing way the oceans and its creatures contribute to the health of our planet. This list of nonfiction books about the oceans and seas is an addendum to my list of nonfiction earth science books for kids so check that one out, too! Note: book covers and titles are affiliate links. Ocean: Secrets of the Deep by Sabrina Weiss. I adore this comprehensive look at the oceans. Full of facts about everything: animals, ecosystems, maps and environmental concerns, this is a book to treasure and explore.

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  1. The ocean covers more than two-thirds of our planet and offers endless learning opportunities for young scientists.

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  3. Books shelved as non-fiction-ocean-sea: Adventures of the Shark Lady: Eugenie Clark Around the World by Ann McGovern, Nature's Way on Kiawah by Bob.

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