Amazing facts about great white sharks

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amazing facts about great white sharks

STRANGE FACTS ABOUT GREAT WHITE SHARKS: childrens science, interesting facts about animal by Tony STRANGE

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Published 02.12.2018

10 facts about great white sharks

10 facts about great white sharks!

Few creatures strike more fear in humans than the great white shark. In reality, great white shark attacks on humans are rare — and it is even rarer for one of these attacks to be fatal. However, the size of the great white shark and its efficiency as a predator add to the perpetuation of this unnecessary fear. The great white shark averages 4. They generally weigh up to kg lb.

Jump to navigation. Carcharodon carcharias , more commonly known as the great white shark, is one of more than shark species and is the largest of all predatory sharks in the ocean today. Adult great white sharks grow to a maximum size of approximately 20 feet in length, weigh up to 6, pounds, and are estimated to live for 30 years. Great whites play a special role in the ocean as a top predator by keeping prey populations such as elephant seals and sea lions in balance. The presence of great white sharks ultimately increases species stability and the diversity of the ocean.

The great white shark Carcharodon carcharias , is one of the most feared sharks in the world. The great white belongs to one of the oldest groups of sharks: the mackerel sharks. Many of its members have existed, in close to their current form, for over million years. The lifespan of great white sharks is estimated to be as long as 70 years or more. Great white sharks are from 3.

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Brought into the spotlight by the "Jaws" movie series and celebrated by the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, great white sharks are among the better-known types of sharks. They can be identified by their gray skin, white bellies, bullet-shaped bodies and rows of up to serrated, triangular teeth. They grow to be about 15 to 20 feet 4. Though massive, the great white is not the biggest shark. This classification goes to the whale shark, which is not considered a predatory fish. Great whites are found mostly along the coasts of Australia, South Africa, California and the northeastern United States. Great whites are considered social creatures that travel in a group called a school or a shoal.

Many people think of the great white shark as a scary creature. After all, it has those big teeth and it does have a reputation for chomping at humans. However, the things that make the great white shark frightening are also the things that make it amazing. Indeed, the great white shark is one cool animal even though it is partly warm-blooded. It has a mouth big enough to swallow a seal whole. Want to learn more? Below are ten more cool facts about great white sharks.


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