Much ado about nothing reading questions

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much ado about nothing reading questions

The Much Ado About Nothing quiz: 30 questions by Lisa J

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William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing Focus/reading questions

Note: All acts, scenes, and lines and are noted 1. Think of an experience that you have had where you have misunderstood or misapprehended a something that has been told to you. Describe this experience. The students chose the name for the company, and student participation and excitement in the theatre program at Mountain … [read more Overall, the play is written with tons of linguistic playfulness. Watch for puns, double entendres, misplaced meanings, and other instances where the characters use words intentionally in ways that are unexpected. One example is in 2.

Select the love story that you feel is the play's main plot. Explain why you have chosen it. Describe the main plot completely. Explain the role of the other love story. List all the "pairs" you can identify in the play — for example, pairs of lovers, pairs of brothers, and pairs of maidservants. For each pair, explain why you think both members of the pair were included and how you think Shakespeare used the pairing to advantage in his development of characters and plot.

At the start of the play, who wants to marry Hero?

What happens during the first meeting of Beatrice and Benedick 1. What was their relationship in the past? Hero enters at the beginning of the play and remains onstage until 1.

This page has been revised, enlarged, and moved to. Type of Work. Much Ado About Nothing is a stage play in the form of a comedy centering on the activities of two war heroes and the women they love. Shakespeare shifts back and forth between the stories of the couples — Benedick and Beatrice, Claudio and Hero — interweaving them into a unified whole. The story observes the three unities place, time, and action established by ancient Greek and Renaissance thinkers and writers: 1 It takes place in one locale, 2 it lasts about a single day, and 3 it has one main story although some view one or the other of the two love stories as a subplot.



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  1. Many readers have difficulty accepting the romantic relationship between Hero and Claudio.

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