Thats the way i feel about you aretha franklin

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thats the way i feel about you aretha franklin

I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You: Aretha Franklin, Respect, and the Making of a Soul Music Masterpiece by Matt Dobkin

The album that earned soul legend Aretha Franklin her first major hits, I Never Loved A Man the Way I Loved You was a pop and soul music milestone. Apart from its status as a hit record, the album also had a much wider cultural impact. By early 1967, when the album was released, the Civil Rights movement was well underway; Arethas music gave it its theme song. And the single Respect became a passionate call to arms for the burgeoning feminist movement.
Dobkin has unearthed a wonderful story of the creation of an album that goes far beyond anything thats been written about The Queen of Soul before. With scores of fresh interviews--including ones with the session musicians from Muscle Shoals who recorded with Aretha--I Never Loved A Man the Way I Love You is the story of a great artistic achievement. Its also a biography of a star who is both more complex and determined than her modern image as a diva indicates.
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Bobby Womack - Thats The Way I Feel About You

Given the almost weeklong lead-up to Aretha Franklin's passing Thursday, I thought I'd be more prepared for the news. As the prewritten obituaries poured in, along with the critiques of her musical legacy and analytical examinations of her overall impact on US history, I felt it in my heart to simply talk about the way Aretha made us feel.
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That's the Way I Feel About Cha

It put Womack on the musical map as a solo artist, after he started his career as lead singer of the family musical group The Valentinos , and a period where he achieved success as a sideman for soul acts such as Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett , and rock singers such as Janis Joplin and Sly Stone. The song would inspire a few cover versions , with the most notable ones coming from Aretha Franklin from her album " Hey Now Hey The Other Side of the Sky " , and also from the blues singer O. The single featured Womack's brothers from The Valentinos singing background and instrumental background by the Muscle Shoals instrumental band. Womack played his rhythm guitar in sessions. The memorable guitar riff was provided by Jimmy Johnson. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wexler was the Atlantic Records producer who, in , helped raise the singer to her sudden and incomparable soul heights. Her depressions could be as deep as the dark sea. Those doleful eyes were sometimes mistaken for shyness. Kind of kawunka-kawunka-kawung! Like a bell ringing.

Reports that soul singer Aretha Franklin was gravely ill this week inspired an outpouring of affection and appreciation throughout the music world for the beloved Queen of Soul. She died at her Detroit home on Thursday. Sheryl Crow gave voice to the consensus opinion about the unmatched vocalist, when she called Franklin "the most soulful angelic voice that ever was. You are the Queen and we love you. To be the very best on earth at something almost everybody does. It's as if she could fly.

Her father was a Baptist minister and gospel singer while her mother was a gospel singer as well. She was a strong woman who always demanded respect and used her Everyday Power to reach the top of her game. Her music is empowering and we can all draw inspiration from her words of wisdom.
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Aretha Franklin is dead and we still, 50 years after she made her artistic and commercial breakthrough, can scarcely comprehend the still-shocking power of her singing. Aretha Franklin must have understood early on what fame was like, as the daughter of the immensely popular Detroit preacher C. Franklin, whose sermons had made him a recording star. She was a feminist by example: Once she took hold of her career at Atlantic Records in , she allowed no lyric to overrule her interpretation, no producer to shape a performance in a way she did not intend. This enabled her to reach young white rock fans as well as the age-spanning black audience that always marveled at the technical prowess of her voice and her phrasing. This kind of popularity meant that no one batted an ear when she covered The Beatles ' "Eleanor Rigby" or indulged her fondness for schmaltz by cutting the Frank Sinatra anthem "That's Life. And unlike them, she could also reign in the histrionics to give immensely subtle shadings to lines — to individual words.

Soul found its apotheosis in Aretha Franklin. Franklin — who died Thursday at 76 — sang in a voice that struck an ideal balance of strength and sensitivity, of roiling emotion and refined skill. Even when she hit a note with terrific force, her tone never lost its beauty. And each note brought with it a huge context. Tell us how Aretha Franklin's music influenced you.

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