Fun facts about tornado alley

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fun facts about tornado alley

Disaster Strikes #2: Tornado Alley by Marlane Kennedy

This was another fantastic book in the Disaster Strikes series.

After I read the Earthquake book I quickly went to see if there were more books in this series. And there were! Sadly, 2 of them just didnt seem that interesting (and a bit too weird), but this one seemed to be something I would be interested in reading.

At first all seemed to be OK, but then, after a trip to go fishing, things go in full OMG mode. One tornado is coming for them, and I know I was shouting at Allison to sit in that shelter. But she had to save the dog. I found it a bit weird that she was so focused on the dog, but didnt think of the other animals who are also in danger. Thankfully, Wyatt is there to save the day, or well, hope that he is able to make it out. It was all really exciting to read.

But that is not where it all ends, oh no. Our friends have to check on friends and family, and they arent going to be safe.

I just couldnt stop reading, I just had to keep reading. In the meantime I was praying that everyone would be fine.

I was a bit surprised that Wyatt (and his 2 friends) didnt immediately go TORNADO when he and his friends saw the weird sky and noticed all sorts of other weird weather things. We dont have a mass of tornadoes here, but thanks to books, documentaries, and internet (and of course the book and what it is about), I knew instantly those kids were going to be screwed.

Like the previous book (Earthquake) this one also has another theme. In that book we had a boy who bullies and what happens when our MC and that bully are thrown in an earthquake and its aftermath. And in this one we have our MC and his cousin. He doesnt like her, for many reasons, but mostly because she is a girl. And just like in the Earthquake book we see how the feelings of these characters chance over the course of the disaster and its aftermath.

I did notice some errors in illustrations. Not only the cover isnt correct (the dog isnt outside, but inside the barn), but also when we see Wyatt Dads pickup truck, which was picked up by a tornado, hit pretty bad, but then when we see it, it is in perfect condition. This is a bit nitpicky, but it is said that Allisons shirt should have letters on it. Yet, I dont even see the faintest traces of it every time we see Allison. :P

But all in all, I really liked this book. It was exciting, fun, and I would recommend it to everyone. Hopefully the author will write more books with disasters.

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Tornadoes 101 - National Geographic

Tornado Alley Facts

Communities across a wide swath of the country are cleaning up from violent storms that have been sweeping through, one after another, over the past few days. More than people have been killed. This year has been unusually active for tornadoesmore than have touched down so far, and we haven't yet reached May, typically the worst month. Decades of research have made these storms more predictable, giving people more time to find shelter, but we're sadly still vulnerable. Bradley Smull, an atmospheric scientist at the National Science Foundation, explained yesterday in a Washington Post online chat : "In particular, the proximity of a major north-south mountain range On average, they persist for about 10 minutes. When it passes over a lake or river, a tornado becomes a waterspout.

Share facts or photos of intriguing scientific phenomena. Whirlpool on Land. The deadliest and most destructive tornado in US history, called the Tri-State Tornado, occurred on March 18, , near the Tornado Alley, and caused extensive damage in the states of Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. This tornado was classified under the F5 category, having wind velocity of more than mph. About people died, more than were injured, and the cost of destruction was valued at about USD 16 million!


Despite improved warnings and forecasts over the past few decades, tornadoes still cause many deaths each year. To learn a little more about these violent storms, here are 12 facts that illustrate how destructive tornadoes can be, where they can occur and how to prepare for them. Tornadoes form where warm moist air is trapped underneath a layer of cold, dry air. This instability is upset when the warm bottom layer gets pushed up — either by heating near the ground, or by an influx of cold air. As the moist air rises, it cools, forming clouds and thunderstorms. If the conditions are right, the rapidly rising air will spin around a central funnel, at speeds sometimes exceeding mph. A tornado technically is born when this funnel cloud touches down on the ground.

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