Who is killing me softly about

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who is killing me softly about

Killing Me Softly by Lauren Firminger

Falling in love was never my plan, but when you grow up with your best friend, feelings are bonds that were bound to form. I just never thought it would be with my best friends sister.

When the unthinkable happened, I watched out for her when her brother needed me to.

Id kept my heart at a distance until she was ready. But Ive been silent too long. Ive got to make my move now, put everything on the line for the love I cant keep back any more.

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Lori Lieberman comes to terms with Killing Me Softly

His death was announced on Friday by BMI, which described him as "a truly gifted and prolific writer" who will be greatly missed by friends and fans at the music rights organization. The hit was later covered by s hip hop group the Fugees.
Lauren Firminger

Killing Me Softly

Never before had a female member of a hip-hop group been given center stage to shine like that on a platform like that—in a song like that—and when Hill did, she changed the way we contributed to and related to that sphere of musical culture. Growing up on the fruit of golden-era hip-hop required learning how to negotiate being both a girl and a fan. It meant sometimes checking young men who were under the impression that what happened in a song was okay to recreate in real life. Tupac delivered two albums— All Eyez on Me and The Don Killuminati —in the time it takes most artists to labor over one, and Nas released It Was Written , arguably as much of a classic as his Illmatic debut two years before. Outkast produced ATLiens.

Like many Americans, I was determined to be the first on my block to deconstruct its meaning. Unlike many listeners, however, I was working in the White House at the time as a staff assistant to President Nixon. Looking back, I wonder if any of my West Wing colleagues even read the song's lyrics, which I transcribed and circulated. A greater source of wonder is how, having done so, I managed to keep both my security clearance and my job. Alas, my arguments about the political significance of popular culture fell on deaf ears. The outcome is well known.

The song was written in collaboration with Lori Lieberman , who recorded the song in late According to Lori Lieberman , who performed the original recording in , the song was born of a poem she wrote after experiencing a strong reaction to the Don McLean song " Empty Chairs ", [1] [2] writing some poetic ideas on a napkin at the Troubadour Club after seeing him perform the song, [3] and then relating this information to Norman Gimbel , who took her feelings and converted them into song lyrics. Gimbel passed his lyrics to Charles Fox , who set them to music. According to Gimbel, he was introduced to the Argentinian -born composer Lalo Schifrin then of Mission: Impossible fame and began writing songs to a number of Schifrin's films. The book was never made into a musical, but in chapter two, the narrator describes himself as sitting in a bar listening to an American pianist friend "kill us softly with some blues ". Don McLean said he had not known that the song described his singing and, when asked about it, said "I'm absolutely amazed. I've heard both Lori's and Roberta's version and I must say I'm very humbled about the whole thing.

"Killing Me Softly with His Song" is a song composed by Charles Fox with lyrics by Norman Gimbel. The song was written in collaboration with Lori Lieberman.
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