Old wives tales about cats

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old wives tales about cats

Old Wives Tales Quotes (2 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

Grandmama's advice on cats stealing your baby's breath

Black Cats and April Fools: Origins of Old Wives Tales and Superstitions in Our Daily Lives

Fact: Cats instinctively fall feet-first due to their flexible spine and "superior righting reflex". Fact: While cats love milk and will readily lap up a whole saucer, it is not good for their health. For a special treat, you can give your cat lactose-free milk occasionally. Fact: It is true that some cats especially those who actively hunt carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which can harm an unborn baby. Pregnant women can catch the disease from a variety of sources, including through accidentally swallowing the parasite through contact with cat faeces. However pregnant women can still own cats; they just need to be vigilant about washing their hands after close contact and avoid handling kitty litter. Fact: There is no scientific evidence that garlic prevents worms or fleas.

There are countless theories and ideas out there on cats and cat care. What should you believe? Is it true or is it merely an old wives' tale that.
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As someone who grew up with cats and still loves everything feline, I think cats are amazing companions. Historically, though, not everybody has held such positive beliefs about kitties. But by teaching your kid not to believe the old wives' tales about cats , you're setting the record straight for the next generation. In reality, cats are awesome pets that deserve all the love in the world. But I'm kind of biased. However, plenty of myths about cats are still very present in the culture today. Most of them are pretty harmless, but they might give kids the wrong impression about kitty friends.

Find help to combat cat urine order, cat urinary infections and cat spraying. Litter box training and cat urine odor - Urinating outside the litter box - Cat litter box health concerns - Cat litter box retraining - Teach your cat to use a litter box - Plus many more articles Free Cat and Kitten Content For Your Site If you are looking for cat and kitten articles for your budding site please feel free to copy this article. Important - If you use an article from my site you must give credit to the author and provide a link to the authors site. You must also give CatNews. Now we think of them less as pest control methods and more as members of our family. Since the domestication of cats some years ago, they have been alternately welcomed into our homes and shunned as evil spirits.

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