Family not excited about engagement

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family not excited about engagement

Marriage Quotes (5443 quotes)

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Published 06.12.2018


Getting engaged is a major milestone and a huge life decision — and it's also incredibly exciting! But what if not everyone is as enthusiastic as you are?

What if Your Fiance Wasn't Excited to Share Your Engagement News?!

Getting engaged can be depressing. There, I said it. Awesome, definitely, but you know, a lot. Like many women, I'd pictured the moment my then-boyfriend would propose to me. It was a foregone conclusion that we would spend our lives together. So, as he proposed on that lawn, I tried hard to make myself cry.

Im also experiencing the same. Both had huge white weddings all the trimmings.. Now its my turn All thats missing is tumble weed lol. Although we are getting married abroad, have most things coverd, no-one have asked either 'How things are coming along', have i decided on my dress.

So far, engagement 's been sort of a bummer for this Save the Date reader My boyfriend of three years proposed two weeks ago. It was a sweet proposal and he gave me a beautiful ring. We're in our 30s and this will be the second marriage for both of us. We've already decided that we'll have a very intimate ceremony on a beach next summer. No family or friends, just us.

What should a bride or groom do when not everybody who is most important to them is happy they're getting married? It's not a problem that you usually hear talked about in polite company because, let's face it, weddings are supposed to be happy occasions and the last thing the bride and groom want to do is mar the overall experience by talking about the most difficult aspects of joining their lives. But sometimes family really throws a monkey wrench in the works.
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Yep, you're going to be hearing that a lot, and doing much congratulatory kissing and drinking Champagne, even if you're not the one getting engaged over the next few weeks. Because it will seem like everybody else is taking the plunge. And truthfully, some of the men and women in your life will be announcing that big step. And you're totally thrilled and celebrate with them. Unless, of course, you're not terribly happy about it and you think they're making a huge mistake.

Claire here, BTW. And as someone who got engaged in October, I can firmly verify that the last three months, have been an exciting time of lapping up all the loveliness, and trying my hardest not to make any sweeping statements, big commitments or major decisions! Someone I know did this. It did not go down well. Having a few hours to bask in your secret news is pretty fantastic! We told our London friends in person, which was lots of fun I recommend doing this as much as you can, the reactions are so lovely!

My fiance is I am not close with my family, but it still bothers me that my parents are not pleased by my engagement. Or rather, NOT doing it! The strangest part is that they have no reason to not like my fiance. He has always been nice to them, and wonderful to me. However, whenever we do go back to see them, they barely talk to him, and want to only spend time with me. I feel bad even asking him to go see them since they make him feel so unwelcome.

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