Interesting facts about gymnastics in the olympics

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interesting facts about gymnastics in the olympics

Gymnastics by Lloyd Readhead

Olympic Library helps intermediate readers explore all kinds of information about the Olympic Games -- the contests in Ancient Greece, their revival in the last century, and the events as they are held today. Each book is written by an expert and is packed with explanations, illustrations, action photos, and interesting facts about exciting Olympic sports and their greatest athletes.
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Olympic Medals in gymnastics. most amazing gymnastics facts.
Lloyd Readhead

10 Interesting Facts About Gymnastics

This website uses cookies. Did you know that in Ancient Greece, only men could participate in gymnastics - and they often competed naked to please the gods and encourage aesthetic appreciation of the male form? Read on to find out more about this unusual athletic practice and other fascinating facts in our top 10 facts about gymnastics. The word 'gymnasium' derives from the Ancient Greek word, 'gymno' or 'gymnos', which actually means 'naked'. The gymnasium was for men only and served as a training facility for the public games' competitors. Women weren't allowed to compete in Olympic gymnastics events until the Amsterdam games in , although men had been competing since the Olympics.

Gymnastics is a sport which involves doing exercises which need strength, flexibility, balance and control. This may include running , jumping , tumbling, somersaulting , flipping and balancing. In women's gymnastics, there are four activities: floor, uneven bars, balance beam, and vault. In men's gymnastics, there are six activities: floor exercise, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, vault, and rings. Gymnastics began as a form of exercise in ancient Greece. It was one of the first sports in the Olympics.

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Shang Chunsong of China performs on the floor during the women's qualifying round of the 45th Gymnastics World Championships in Nanning. You might have seen the sport or art of gymnastics a countless number of times on television or even through videos on the Internet. But did you know some of the thins a gymnast would need like qualifications, the costumes worn or even some of the earliest origins of the sport? Take a look at why gymnastics is considered to be a sport that demands perfection and the reasons why the sport is considered to be one of the toughest sports in the worlds of sporting events. In the early years, the ancient Greeks practiced a form of gymnastics that included stretching, swimming and running.

History: Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is considered the father of modern gymnastics 2. History: Gymnastics was at the 1st Olympics 3. Style: Only women practice rhythmic gymnastics competitively 6. Olympics: Trampolining bounced into the Olympics in 7. Rules: Gymnastics age restrictions are controversial

Gymnastics is also a wonderful sport, not requiring good weather and feels the same comfortable temperature even if eggs are cooking on the side walks. Camps for 3 years to 18 and Classes for ages 1 to 99 start next week! Gymnastics also helped men prepare for war. The sport improved their fighting skills and overall endurance. Gymnastics is considered a sport for the young, and most female gymnasts in the U. Many of them begin their careers when they are toddlers. Now that you know more about gymnastics, you may be even more excited to sign up your child.

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  1. Gymnastics are a large part of the Olympic competitions held every four Interesting Gymnastics Facts: Gymnastics were introduced at the Olympics.

  2. 4) In the Olympics only women can compete in the Balance Beam and Uneven Are there other interesting facts you'd like to share with us?.

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