Stan lee quotes about superheroes

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stan lee quotes about superheroes

Stan Lee Quotes (Author of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way)

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Published 07.12.2018

STAN LEE - Inspirational video

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15 Marvel-ous Quotes from Legend Stan Lee

Stan Lee died at the age of 95 on Monday. Throughout his life, the legendary creator of many beloved Marvel superheroes won fans over with his passion for storytelling and sense of humor. He used comics books to touch on racism and inequalities , particularly in the X-Men universe. Lee's interviews were filled with candid comments regarding his motivation, influential people in his life, and explanations of why fans are so fascinated by superheroes. He also designed special pins that featured black and white hands shaking. In a interview with Huffington Post , Lee weighed in on people enjoying comics through tablets and smartphones, rather than printed pages.

Marvel fans from across the world are mourning the death of the comic book genius Stan Lee, who passed away on Monday. An incredibly humble man, Lee also had plenty of thoughts on exactly what a superhero should be and how they can relate to the real world. That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero. I always say luck. I just tried to write characters who are human beings who also have superpowers. Fairy tales are all about things bigger than life: giants, witches, trolls, dinosaurs and dragons and all sorts of imaginative things. I would say hey, I can do something better than other people.

Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil and the X-Men, who has died aged 95 , was an outspoken advocate of equality and of the value of comics as an art form. Without it they might go off the deep end. We live in a diverse society — in fact, a diverse world, and we must learn to live in peace and with respect for each other.
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The creative icon saddened his fans with his death at the age of 95, but these quotes of his will continue to inspire. Stan Lee helped craft some of the most intricate worlds and magnificent stories in recent history through his legacy at Marvel comics. He died yesterday at the age of 95 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, according to reports. Little is known about the causes surrounding his death. However, the news sent fans around the world into a mourning.

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