Miriam santiago quotes about life

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miriam santiago quotes about life

Miriam Defensor Santiago Quotes (Author of Stupid is Forever)

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Published 08.12.2018

Miriam Is Forever

However, what sets her apart from the rest of the pack is her no-nonsense style of leadership.

8 Quotes about Love from Former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s Stupid is Forever

During her two-year battle with stage four lung cancer, the ever-feisty senator remained not only the most prolific but also the feistiest in the Philippine senate. She even took on the challenge of running as one of the five presidential candidates in the elections. Despite her failing condition and even though she was lagging behind her four opponents , Senator Miriam fought the good fight and finished the race. Read: Miriam Defensor-Santiago dies at Here, PEP. But on the other hand, I might survive and then I will get rid of them. Kaya huwag kayong mangongopya, and if you copy, you will never succeed.

Love her or hate her, she has something to say about that too.
digging up the past an introduction to archaeological excavation


Senator Miriam Santiago's leadership jokes and tips

Manner of Death Natural Causes. Political Parties People's Reform Party. Occupations Journalist, Judge, Lawyer, Comunicador. Miriam Defensor Santiago Quotes. Miriam Defensor Santiago Birthname. Total quotes 1 I have said this before, and I will say it again: All things work for good to those who love God. God Religion Spirituality Faith.

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  1. 15 quotes from Miriam Defensor Santiago: 'A smart wife is one who makes sure The meaning of life is found in the purposes that we pursue as we grow older.

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