Bob marley quotes about mothers

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bob marley quotes about mothers

Bob Marley: My Son by Cedella Marley Booker

Bob Marley, my son

This book is a book I would recommend to anyone who knows who Bob Marley is because, it was a very in depth and detailed book about his life from the viewpoint of his mother. My favorite character was Bob Marley, because the way his mother and family described him made him sound like someone I would definitely get along with. His mother wrote this book because she wanted everyone to know how special and what an amazing person Bob was. My least favorite character was Captain, because he left his wife and son at a fairly young age and he didn’t even send money to help take care of him, it was like he disappeared. The portion of this book that really caught my attention was around the time of his birth because he almost died as a baby. The fact that his mother told his life story and helped me understand why he is appreciated around the world, for his music and outlook on life. If this book was made into a movie I don’t think there are any actors that could play his role or his family’s. my favorite line was every little things gonna be alright. I was not able to guess the ending to this book which is why I was so attached.
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Only once in your life, I truly believe,you find someone who can completely turn your world around…. Judge not, before you judge yourself.
Cedella Marley Booker

Bob Marley Quotes: 20 Powerful Sayings & Lyrics To Live By

March 27, annewalker Quotes And Saying 0. Bob Marley is one of the celebrities who have shared a lot of inspirational, comic, romantic and encouraging quotes and sayings. A collection of Bob Marley quotes on love , life and happiness are really worth compiling for. Quotes of Bob Marley are simply inspiring, matter-of-factly, encouraging and worth reading. Below are some of the best Bob Marley quotes categorized to famous, about love, life, happiness and inspirational.

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Email address:. If Bob Marley were alive today, he would have turned 69 yesterday. His songs still play on the radio, his lyrics are still shared via social media, and his image continues to adorn products and memorabilia around the world. In addition to a few spouses and blood relatives, Marley had many children who are successful adults on their own, or as the guardians of his intellectual property — which is important work considering his ability to inspire people through his music and lyrics. Our Interpretation: Being in relationship is about being vulnerable.

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  1. Bob Marley, a popular Jamaican singer, became known for his motivational and inspirational words and lyrics.

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