Everything you need to know about vampires

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everything you need to know about vampires

The Girls Guide to Vampires: All You Need To Know About The Original Bad Boys by Barbara Karg

The good news is: He’s tall, dark, and handsome.
The bad news is: He’s a bloodsucking creature of the night. Not to mention arrogant, predatory, and immortal.

What’s a girl to do? No worries—in this guide, girls learn everything they need to know about these romantic rogues, including how to:

Know when they’ve met a vampire
Avoid falling prey to a nightstalker’s charms
Resist even the most aggressive advances
Protect themselves against the undead
Destroy a vampire—using everything from holy water to decapitation

Complete with a review of vampire books, TV shows, and films as well as accounts of real-life encounters with vampires, this book is all girls need to surrender to the night—and still make sure they’re around to see another day!

Barb Karg (Pacific Northwest) is a veteran journalist, author, screenwriter and lifelong vampire aficionado currently at work on a vampire novel. She’s authored or coauthored twenty-two books.
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6 Things to Know About Vampires

Posted on October 26, Alice Jackson. Lesley Gregoricka, associate professor of anthropology at the University of South Alabama. In fact, Gregoricka keeps some of their teeth in her laboratory on campus — inside secure and locked cabinets, of course. Unlike the characters in movies and on television, Gregoricka is the real deal. Her primary research program investigates prehistoric mortuary landscapes across the United Arab Emirates and seeks to evaluate how shifting mortuary traditions in southeastern Arabia reflect corresponding changes in sociopolitical complexity and subsistence strategies. From this, she explores how local identity was reinforced and negotiated through the construction of monumental tombs and treatment of the dead.

As October rolls on and the nights draw in, ghosts, ghouls and the otherwise undead lurk around every corner. What better way to prepare for the spooky month ahead than with a crash course in vampires…just in case. Luckily, our Curator of Firearms Jonathan Ferguson has a particular interest in the mythology of arms and armour as well as popular culture and the supernatural and is on hand to help us spot one. The belief in real vampires is of course far older. One of the first accounts of vampires is found in a Babylonian myth dating from 4, B. C which tells of spirits or demons who, having not being buried properly in death, returned as the undead, wreaking havoc on mortals by sucking the life from them.

Some of you may make fun of the facts we are going to mention but bear in mind dear readers that these findings are based on personal efforts, studies and research. Maybe they passed by your side or even talked to you, or maybe they stood by your bed once and whispered in your ears while you are asleep…who knows! Sure there is. Vampires existed a very long time ago; there are proofs to their existence during the Babylon, the Indian and the Sumer civilization in addition to the Ancient Egypt. All these civilizations talked about creatures that hunted human to drink their blood. Besides these stories, scientists discover vampire tombs every once in a while. Many researchers and philosophers have conducted theories about the existence and the nature of vampires :.

Dispatching your vampire.

If you've ever wanted a compilation of facts about vampires, you have come to the right place. There is so much to say about vampires that we couldn't just dedicate one page to them. Both informational articles and questions with answers will be posted and updated right here. There are literally thousands of vampire legends throughout history. Nearly every single culture on the face of the earth has some kind of myth about undead, blood-sucking creatures that relate back to vampire mythology. Naturally, the legends are not all consistent with one another, though there are many common threads throughout the various cultural myths. In order to take a more analytical view at vampire, we must do a little scientific-style hypothesizing.

Everyone knows that vampires suck … your blood!!!! Seriously though, do you know the history behind modern vampire lore? These creatures of the night have been lurking around for a very long time, although the princes and princesses of darkness have taken on different guises and mythologies throughout the ages. If the items on this list are old news to you, you might want to take a look in the mirror and check for a reflection Didn't work so well that time. According to legend, when a human dies and then returns to the world as a vampire, he or she no longer has a soul. The unlucky individual is now a vampire.

All rights reserved. This year-old skeleton from Sozopol, Bulgaria , was found with its teeth removed and stabbed through the chest with an iron rod. Scholars suspect that townspeople did this to ward off vampires—a very real fear in Europe for hundreds of years. The traits of modern-day vampires are pretty well established. They can be warded off with garlic, or killed with a stake through the heart.

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