Interesting facts about thomas graham

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interesting facts about thomas graham

Books by Thomas Graham (Author of The Genius of the Poor A Journey with Gawad Kalinga)

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Thomas Graham was a Scottish chemist best known for his leading work in the diffusion and dialysis of gases. Early Life. Graham was born on December 21st.
Thomas Graham

Graham, Thomas

Thomas Graham was a Scottish chemist best known for his leading work in the diffusion and dialysis of gases. Graham was born on December 21st, in Glasgow, Scotland. He was the son of a prosperous manufacturer who wanted him to become a church minister. At the age of 14, Graham entered University of Glasgow. While in the university, he was strongly influenced by the chemistry lectures of Thomas Thomson. After getting his M.

Thanks you for writing this article. Each week a new dead scientist for your educational pleasure. Sunday, December 20, Thomas Graham. Thomas Graham was born in Glasgow on December 21, the the eldest of seven children of a merchant father. After attending preparatory school and high school he started classes at the university of Glasgow in , where he studied under Thomas Thompson. He remained there for seven years taking an M. His father wanted him to go into the Scottish church, but Thomas showed an aptitude for mathematics and science and against his father's wishes he commenced on a career in science.

Thomas Graham , born Dec. Educated in Scotland , Graham persisted in becoming a chemist, though his father disapproved and withdrew his support. He then made his living by writing and teaching. He was a professor at a school in Edinburgh —37 and at University College, London —55 , and was master of the mint — From examining the diffusion of one liquid into another, he divided particles into two classes— crystalloids, such as common salt , having high diffusibility; and colloids , such as gum arabic, having low diffusibility.

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Thomas Graham lived from 21 December to 16 September He was an eminent chemist remembered in the name of "Graham's Law", which relates to the diffusion of gases. The wider picture in Scotland at the time is set out in our Historical Timeline.

He is regarded as one of the founders of colloid chemistry. Graham was born in Glasgow , and educated at Glasgow High School. Graham's father was a successful textile manufacturer, and wanted his son to enter into the Church of Scotland. Instead, defying his father's wishes, Graham became a student at the University of Glasgow in There he developed a strong interest in chemistry , studying under Professor Thomas Thomson , who was impressed and influenced by the young man.

The son of a prosperous manufacturer, Graham entered the University of Glasgow in , at the age of fourteen, and was convinced by the lectures of Thomas Thomson that his calling lay in the field of chemistry. His father, who wanted him to become a minister of the Church of Scotland , was opposed to this choice of vocation, but Graham received encouragement and help from his mother and sister. After receiving the M. He then returned to Glasgow, where he taught mathematics and chemistry in a private laboratory. In Graham became a fellow of the Royal Society. Three years later he succeeded Edward Turner as professor of chemistry at the University College, London later the University of London. His time was then fully occupied in teaching, writing, advising on chemical manufactures, and investigating fiscal and other questions for the government.


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  1. Biography of the chemist who formulated Grahams Law, Thomas Graham on ancestor of the dialysis machines that are today so important to medical science.

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