Book about if germany won ww2

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book about if germany won ww2

Fatherland by Robert Harris

It is twenty years after Nazi Germanys triumphant victory in World War II and the entire country is preparing for the grand celebration of the Führers seventy-fifth birthday, as well as the imminent peacemaking visit from President Kennedy.

Meanwhile, Berlin Detective Xavier March -- a disillusioned but talented investigation of a corpse washed up on the shore of a lake. When a dead man turns out to be a high-ranking Nazi commander, the Gestapo orders March off the case immediately. Suddenly other unrelated deaths are anything but routine.

Now obsessed by the case, March teams up with a beautiful, young American journalist and starts asking questions...dangerous questions. What they uncover is a terrifying and long-concealed conspiracy of such astonding and mind-numbing terror that is it certain to spell the end of the Third Reich -- if they can live long enough to tell the world about it.
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What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 4)

What If? 15 Great Alternate History Books and Series

Set in , fifteen years after an alternative ending to World War II , the novel concerns intrigues between the victorious Axis Powers —primarily, Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany —as they rule over the former United States, as well as daily life under the resulting totalitarian rule. Beginning in , the book was adapted as a multi-season TV series , with Dick's daughter, Isa Dick Hackett , serving as one of the show's producers. The novel features a "novel within the novel" comprising an alternate history within this alternate history wherein the Allies defeat the Axis though in a manner distinct from the actual historical outcome. The Nazis then, with help of their allies, conquered most of Africa. By , the US and the remaining Allies surrendered to the Axis, ending the war.

A hypothetical Axis victory in World War II has become a common concept of alternative history and counterfactual history. Numerous examples exist in several languages worldwide. The term Pax Germanica , Latin for " German peace", is sometimes used for this theoretical period, [3] by analogy to similar terms for peaceful historical periods. In some cases, this term is used for a hypothetical Imperial German victory in World War I as well, having a historical precedent in Latin texts referring to the Peace of Westphalia. The subject of Axis supremacy as a fictional dramatic device began in the English-speaking world before the start of World War II , with Katharine Burdekin 's novel Swastika Night coming out in Some have viewed the enduring interest in the "what-ifs" of an Axis-powers victory as the result of the resonance of related themes, for example, how ordinary individuals deal with the humiliation and anger of being dominated.

This vibrant fiction genre could be renamed 'What If' books. What if the Germans won World War II? What if the Confederates won the American Civil War?.
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Alternative Histories:

What if Germany Won World War II (Part 2)

This vibrant fiction genre could be renamed 'What If' books. What if the Confederates won the American Civil War? What if the Cold War had become a nuclear war? You get the picture. Some major names — such as Sinclair Lewis , Kingsley Amis , Michael Chabon and Philip Roth — have imagined alternate histories and helped give the genre credibility. Dick on this list, so alternative histories cannot be dismissed offhand.

What if Europeans never came to America? What if there were magicians during the Napoleonic War? Or zombies during the U. Civil War? These are the kinds of tantalizing questions that alternate history books explore. Set in our world, but not quite, these books give us a way to look at our past—and sometimes our present—with fresh eyes.

Alternate history writers have a choice: go big or go small. Small means playing in the margins, subtly twisting known history, or exploring secret histories, changing the meaning of events while leaving the timeline more or less intact. Going big means tackling history like a linebacker: implanting sweeping changes and seeing where everything lands. These 10 books represent some of the most ambitious, imaginative, and flat-out cool speculative takes on a World War II that never actually happened. Add to Bag.

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