Lady steals baseball from little girl

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lady steals baseball from little girl

Stealing Home by Nicole Williams

Being the only woman working for a professional baseball team isn’t easy. As the San Diego Shock’s newest athletic trainer, Allie knows all about long hours, endless travel, and warding off players’ advances. Given she’s already the subject of a handful of rumors about how “lucky” she was to have earned such a coveted position, she can’t so much as flutter an eyelash a player’s way if she wants to be taken seriously.

But number eleven is doing more than fluttering eyelashes Allie’s way. Far more. Luke Archer is at the top of his game and doesn’t let the fear of striking out keep him from swinging. This is a motto he applies both on and off the field, but Allie appears immune, seeming to view Luke as nothing more than caution tape on legs.

He’s a player, and in Allie’s experience, they’re all the same. She won’t risk her job or her heart to another one, no matter how different this one claims to be. But as Allie gets to know him, she discovers the number eleven the public thinks they know is very different from the real Luke Archer. He seems too good to be true.

And maybe he is.

Allie will have to confront the stories attached to a player of Luke Archer’s stature and decide who she’ll put her faith in—The man she’s falling for? Or the rumors?
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Published 09.12.2018

Baseball fan drops little girl for foul ball

Justice at last: 'Evil woman' outed for grabbing girl's game ball

Talk about a haunting past that follows. A video from a Astros-Diamondbacks game shows her snatching a baseball from the hands of a little girl as the stadium announcer expresses shock and awe. The video shows Arizona player Juan Miranda tossing a foul ball into the stands at a little girl whose hands were outstretched, The Daily Mail reported. The girl, for her part, at first looked shocked, then outraged. She walks away, however, without confronting the woman. That is beyond wrong. Ballpark officials later contacted the girl and presented her with a different ball.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. A woman who grabbed a baseball away from a child at an Astros game was identified as child psychologist Grennele Brashkowitz. A five-year old video clip showing a brief tussle between an adult woman and a little girl over possession of a baseball tossed into the stands during a Houston Astros game recirculated online in July , along with the claim that the ball-snatching woman had finally been identified as a child psychologist named Grennele Brashkowitz:. A video from more than five years ago is making the rounds again showing a woman grab a baseball from a little girl at a game in Houston from What is difficult to verify are the supposed follow up stories about an alleged interview with the woman named Grennele Brashkowitz. Supposedly she did not apologize and then lost her job as a child psychologist.

Stealing a baseball from the tiny mitts of a toddler goes against every tenet of organized society. The act alone tears at the social fabric and hearkens back to a time when mankind clubbed the offspring of opposing tribes and rewound tapes before returning them through the slot. We have rules in this day and age, and one of the most basic is the unwritten law stating that children at sports games are first in line when souvenir memorabilia come flying into the stands. The following are people who have either never heard of this principle or refuse to acknowledge its very existence. They are outlaws of the highest order—selfish enemies of the state that put their own happiness before the joy of children. Some got away with their souvenir thievery; others repented and returned their pilfered goods. All of them shall be brought to justice on this day.


During a recent game between the Astros and Diamondbacks at Minute Maid Park, an unknown woman was caught on camera taking a ball from a sweet little girl. The absolute worst part of the video is near the end when the woman turns away from the cluster of children and to her friends to show off her new possession. Lady, baseballs are cheap, and the Astros are terrible. That ball is nearly worthless, and you look like a jerk. Somebody posted this blurb about it on Reddit. The play-by-play and color guy saw it, pulled some strings, and delivered the girl an autographed ball. You must be logged in to post a comment.



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