Girl gets her arm bit off by shark

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girl gets her arm bit off by shark

Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham

On a sunny day in June, at the beach with her mom and brother, fifteen-year-old Jane Arrowood went for a swim. And then everything -- absolutely everything -- changed. Now shes counting down the days until she returns to school with her fake arm, where she knows kids will whisper, Thats her -- thats Shark Girl, as she passes. In the meantime there are only questions: Why did this happen? Why her? What about her art? What about her life? In this striking first novel, Kelly Bingham uses poems, letters, telephone conversations, and newspaper clippings to look unflinchingly at what its like to lose part of yourself - and to summon the courage it takes to find yourself again.

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Teen who lost leg, fingers in shark attack describes the moment she was bitten l Nightline

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After a recent spate of shark attacks, which left two people dead and one teen without a leg, "Soul Surfer" Bethany Hamilton has advice for those victims who have been forced to find a new normal. Several people have been attacked by sharks in recent weeks. Two teens were bitten off North Carolina, with one of them losing their leg. And two people lost their lives. Hamilton knows what these people went through.

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Bethany Meilani Hamilton-Dirks (born February 8, ) is an American professional surfer who survived a shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off but who , O'Neill Island Girl Junior Pro tournament, 1st, USA telling of her struggle after the shark attack and how she trusted in God to get her through it.
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She went on to be the elite professional surfer she always dreamed of being, winning major competition titles and being inducted into the Surfer's Hall of Fame. In , she married a youth minister, and the couple now has two little boys together. Hamilton shattered expectations of what a shark attack victim looked like and inspired others to find hope in what may seem like the roughest of waters. Now, with a new documentary called "Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable," she is sharing her story of perseverance and faith on the big screen. So while she may not have known what her new normal would be, she knew she couldn't let herself be defined by what she lost.

Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old and on her way to becoming a surfing star. Her board was her life, and she was determined to be the best. Bethany was lounging with her left arm over the side of her board when a foot tiger shark clamped down on her arm, severing it just below the shoulder. She survived the attack, scrambling desperately to shore—where a friend's father fashioned a tourniquet out of a surfboard leash, wrapping it tightly around her bicep in an effort to stop the rushing blood. She would later claim she did not feel much pain from the shark bite, but was numb on the way to the hospital. By the time she made it to the ER, she'd lost more than 60 percent of her blood and was in hypovolemic shock.

Known most notably as one of the biggest comeback stories of our era, Bethany Hamilton has become synonymous with inspiration. Her story of determination, faith, and hope has resounded in encouragement worldwide. At the age of 13 as a rising surf star, Bethany lost her left arm to a foot tiger shark, which seemed to end her dream career. However, one month after the attack, Bethany returned to surfing and within two years had won her first national surfing title. At 17 years old, she realized her dream of surfing professionally and she is still an active surf competitor to this day.

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