William ix duke of aquitaine

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william ix duke of aquitaine

William IX, Duke of Aquitaine (Author of The Poetry Of William VII, Count Of Poitiers, IX Duke Of Aquitaine)

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The Face of Eleanor of Aquitaine (Photoshop Reconstruction)

William IX, Duke of Aquitaine, besides his failed attempts to be a great leader of his people during the Holy Land Crusade of , was a lyric poet in the vernacular style and is generally believed to be the first of the troubadour performers. He wrote in the Occitan language, an ancient tongue that still survives today in the Mediterranean regions.
William IX, Duke of Aquitaine

The Counts of Toulouse, the Dukes of Aquitaine and the Kings of England

William IX is best known as the first troubadour — a vernacular lyric poet from the Occitan region — whose work survived. He is also remembered as one of the leaders of the Crusade of Together they had seven children 1 including Raymond of Poitiers. He refused to, preferring to take advantage of the situation at home while others were warring in the Middle East. The Pope threatened him with excommunication over this 1. Eventually, he led a Crusade in His military prowess was not good and he often got caught in ambushes 1.

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According to Albert of Aix, after the army was dispersed in Asia Minor by the Turks, Duke Guillaume fled to Longinach near Tursolt, from where he was rescued and brought to Antioch by Tancred's forces[]. He was a troubadour and composer of lyric poetry. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines refers to the daughter of "Fulco" as "comitissam Redonensem" but does not name her[]. The Annals of St Salvator Redon record that "Ermengardeque Alani conjugem, vere piam ac religiosam" was buried at the abbey of Redon[]. It is assumed that Mathilde and Philippa refer to the same person. She is also named in an undated donation by Bertrand Comte de Toulouse which names her father but not her husband[]. This is inconsistent with the date of death of Philippa, shown above, not to mention the difference of first name.

He was also one of the leaders of the Crusade of
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William IX , born Oct. William IX spent most of his life in warfare, including leading an unsuccessful Crusade to the Holy Land —02 and battling the Moors near Cordova — William IX.

His familiarity with his art, along with certain allusions in his poems, suggest that he was not the only trobador of his time. It generally assumed that although he had comtemporaries he had no predecessors, as no allusions to any earlier trobador are known. Among contemporary and later troubadours Guilhem was invariably known as The Count of Poitou. He is said by the chronicler Ordericus Vitalis to have made joking verses about his disasterous crusade in the East, but none of them have come down to us. According to other chroniclers Guilhem was a brave and accomplished knight, but also a gloriously irreverent and immoral one.

For many generations the fate of the Counts of Toulouse was intimately tied to that of the Dukes of Aquitaine. He inherited the duchy at the age of fifteen. Ermengarde was pretty and well-educated but suffered from extreme mood-swings. This, coupled with her failure to conceive a child, led William to send her back to her father and have the marriage dissolved in William had two sons and five daughters by Philippa, including William's heir, another William later to become William X of Aquitaine. The pope urged him to take the cross and leave for the Holy Land, but William was more interested in the territories of the Counts of Toulouse, to which the Dukes of Aquitaine believed they had a long standing claim, now bolstered by William's marriage to Philippa.

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  1. William IX (22 October – 10 February ), called the Troubador, was the Duke of Aquitaine and Gascony and Count of Poitou (as William VII) between.

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